BREAKING: A video showing El-rufai gloating about fighting Yara’dua to the grave, Jonathan out of Aso Rock, has surfaced

Former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has recently been the subject of a video wherein he openly discussed his confrontations with late President Umar Musa Yar Adua and former President Goodluck Jonathan, which spanned his political career.

In the footage captured during a stakeholder’s meeting, El-Rufai made remarks that have since garnered attention and generated discussions among Nigerians, especially considering his nomination for a ministerial position in President Tinubu’s government....CONTINUE READING

El-Rufai’s assertion, as captured in the video, “You say you want to pick a fight with me, ok go ahead. Go and ask Umar Yar adua, ask Jonathan. I fought them, one went to the grave and the other to otuoke,” has left many Nigerians perplexed about the implications of his statements. These candid remarks have prompted questions about the nature of his engagements with these former leaders and the broader political landscape within which these interactions occurred.

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The ensuing commentary on social media reflects a range of perspectives on El-Rufai’s remarks. The user @Vhee11005639 humorously suggests that El-Rufai might shift to speaking Hausa should he wish to engage in such discussions. @Mykoladoo employs the metaphor of a “green snake in the Nigeria Political Grass” to underscore the perceived cunning and hidden agendas often associated with political figures.

However, some comments take a more critical stance. @EXTREMELIVING3 attributes the behavior of politicians like El-Rufai to their alleged subservience to colonial powers. This sentiment is echoed by @Idemilinri, who voices concerns about the government’s affinity for individuals with questionable histories. The sentiment expressed by @So_Ran_Dum, implying that Yar’adua’s death might not have been natural, touches on a longstanding suspicion within certain circles.

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Amid these reactions, the conversation on El-Rufai’s nomination as a minister remains a focal point. @OshilikeN believes that El-Rufai has often found himself on the “bad side of history,” indicating a pattern of contentious decisions or actions. On the other hand, @zubbyifeaka holds Yar’adua in high regard, emphasizing his perception of the late president as a crucial figure for Nigeria.

The divergent opinions continue to flow in. @El_147mayaki highlights the significance of El-Rufai’s nomination, suggesting that his son, Bashir, might take pride in his father’s accomplishments. @IntegrityAndEx1, in contrast, praises El-Rufai’s potential role as a minister, an opinion that contrasts sharply with @aduga30’s plea to prevent him from engaging in national politics due to his perceived bitterness.

An analogy familiar to many, @TallNerdy likens El-Rufai to the “Little Finger” of Nigerian politics, a character known for cunning maneuvering in the popular television series “Game of Thrones.” Meanwhile, @amazingoverseer humorously speculates that El-Rufai’s shift to speaking Fulani could signal the onset of controversial discussions.

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In the midst of these varied reactions, the core issue remains El-Rufai’s candid claims about his interactions with past leaders and his upcoming role in the government. The discussions on social media underscore the complex nature of Nigerian politics, where divergent perspectives on public figures are intertwined with larger national narratives. As the conversations unfold, it is evident that El-Rufai’s statements have ignited a thoughtful dialogue about his history, his political roles, and the broader dynamics shaping the nation’s political landscape….CONTINUE READING
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