BREAKING: Coup d’état: Arson at the Nigerian Embassy in Niger Republic? FG Responds

Tension over its building being set ablaze by irate demonstrators in the country following a coup has been calmed by the Nigerian Embassy in Niger.

Dr. Liti Awualu, the Nigerian ambassador to the Republic of Niger, claimed that the social media rumors and videos were untrue….CONTINUE READING

He pleaded with the populace to ignore the videos and rumors, pointing out that the embassy is properly secured.

Niamey, Niger Republic – Rumors that the Nigerian Embassy in the Republic of Niger’s building was set on fire by enraged demonstrators from the country’s recently overthrown government have been refuted.

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In a press release dated Friday, August 11, its High Commissioner, Dr. Liti i. Auwalu, informed the public of this occurrence.

In response to a viral video showing demonstrators attempting to storm the Chancery Building in Niamey, the capital of Nigeria, the embassy released a statement.
Nigerian Embassy refutes a widely shared social media video alleging an attack on the Chancery Building

According to the statement, Auwalu called the video a hoax and asked people to ignore it.

He said:

“It has been brought to our notice that fake videos showing the touching of the Chancery Building in Niamey by protesters is circulating on various social media platforms.

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“The Embassy wishes to inform the general public that even though protesters tried to gain access to the Embassy on 30th July 2023, the Nigerian military and police authorities promptly curtailed the situation.”

However, Auwalu pointed out that there is no need for concern because the embassy is secure due to the Nigerian Army’s protection.

He emphasized once more that people should ignore the bogus videos that are going around on social media.

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Senator Ndume sends a stern warning and opposes a military invasion of Niger in the ECOWAS assembly.

In another incident, on Saturday, August 12, during the ongoing extraordinary plenary session of the ECOWAS parliament, Senator Ali Ndume of Nigeria spoke out against military intervention in Niger.
He claimed that the Nigerian Senate had passionately opposed conflict with the Republic of Niger and would not support it.
On the other hand, some lawmakers took a more distinct stance, stressing that military action was required to act as a deterrence and a precedent for other nations….CONTINUE READING