BREAKING: Coup: Nigeriens to incur demurrage on transit cargoes via Nigeria

Following the closure of borders between Niger and Nigeria, importers who have ordered their cargoes to be shipped through Lekki Port, Nigeria, may face demurrage and storage charges. Findings by New Telegraph revealed the border closure would also affect Nigerian revenue as Republic of Niger’s $2.33 billion annual cargoes will not be ferried via Nigeria port from 2024 if the political atmosphere is not stable.

Nigerien importers currently have 411 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) ready to be transferred to their country from Lekki Port. The first batch of the transshipment cargoes were ferried by CMA CGM Rimbaud to the port in June 29, 2023 before vessel left Lagos to Cotonou Port in July 6, 2023….CONTINUE READING

It was learnt that the recovery of transshipment cargoes from neighbouring port started few months after the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) negotiated with the landlocked countries – Niger and Chad. Also, Cameroon importers expressed interest in using the new port to ship their imports and exports.

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However, with the closure of Nigeria-Niger border and ban on movement of Niger bound containers from crossing Nigerian border, Nigerien containers would have to wait till political dispute between both countries is resolved. Since 2006, New Telegraph gathered that over four million metric tonnes of Chad and Niger’s cargoes, which were formerly handled annually by Nigeria, were taken and shared among Togo, Benin and Ghana ports due to high charges, dwell time, corruption, extortion, congestion levy and poor infrastructure in the ports.

However, the Federal Government took new step to recover the the transit trade, after losing 68 million tonnes of cargoes in 17 years Average annual top imports of Chad are non-knit women’s suits valued at $78.1 million; cars, $64.9 million; jewellery, $51.8 million; packaged medicaments, $47.8 million and broadcasting equipment, $34.9 million. Its major importing countries are China with $365 million; United Arab Emirates, $258 million; France, $82 million, India, $56.4 million and Turkey, $39.6 million. Also, top imports of Niger are rice, $275 million; Cars, $113 million; rolled tobacco, $69.3 million; palm oil, $59.2 million and vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins and cultures, $57.8 million importing mostly from China, $441 million; France, $193 million; United States, $185 million; Nigeria, $180 million and India, $175 million.

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Under the new agreement, it was learnt that Lekki Port would be the preferred destination to export their goods estimated at $5.41 billion. Chad is exporting an average of $2.71 billion annually, making it the number 138 exporter in the world, while Niger exports valued at $2.70 billion. It was gathered that Niger was shipping about 1.5 million metric tonnes of its cargoes from Benin Republic, 1.5 million metric tonnes in Togo and close to a million metric tons in Ghana, leading to an annual loss of N1.46 trillion or (N23.4 triilion) between 2006 and 2022. It would be recalled that in June 2023, the Managing Director of the authority, Muhammed Bello-Koko, said that Nigeria should be able to commence transshipment of cargoes to the West African landlocked countries in coming weeks. Ahead of the transshipment of cargoes, he noted that tug boats would be deployed to Lekki Deep Seaport to quicken turnaround time of vessels. He explained: “We had a meeting with officials from Chad, Niger Republic and Cameroon.

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The idea was to see how we can start moving their cargoes from Nigeria to their ports. They were looking for a port that would reduce waiting time for cargoes. “These tug boats that were commissioned will help us achieve our aim of turning the port into a transshipment hub….CONTINUE READING

“I know that transshipment cargoes should come to Lekki maybe in the next three weeks. With this tug boat we will tug in no matter the size of the ship. This means we will take back businesses in neighbouring countries and the cargo going to other countries will come back