BREAKING: Courageous Hunter Fatally Shot While Tracking Kidnappers in Edo Forest

A fearless hunter met a tragic end in the Ufa forest located in Igarra, the administrative center of Akoko Edo Local Government Area within Edo State.

The hunter, Suru Abanta, affectionately known as Odonkoro in the region, lost his life while actively pursuing kidnappers.Reports indicate that Suru Abanta, along with his companions and fellow members of the local vigilante group, embarked on an extensive search of the sprawling woodland near Igarra and neighboring communities to locate kidnappers and rescue captives...CONTINUE READING

During the operation, suspected kidnappers fatally shot Suru Abanta, resulting in his untimely demise. Nigerian Tribune revealed that a distressing surge of kidnappings occurred along the farm road in Igarra, leading to the abduction of five individuals over a span of two days. Subsequently, one of the kidnapped victims was released following the payment of an undisclosed ransom.

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A witness from the vigilante group, who was present during the tragic incident, recounted the events. “We divided ourselves into two groups and ventured in separate directions. Unbeknownst to us, the kidnappers had already spotted our presence. As we were attempting to assume positions, they opened fire, fatally wounding him. Our colleagues, upon hearing the gunfire, swiftly rushed towards us, causing the kidnappers to flee in panic. We later located their hideout, uncovering various items including a battery-less phone, SIM card, and provisions,” the eyewitness recounted to the publication.

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Regarding the arrested suspect, the source shared, “The individual posed as if waiting for public transportation along the Igarra – Ibillo road, where he was apprehended and subsequently handed over to the police.”

Responding to security concerns, the Edo State Government conveyed its commitment to bolstering security through the vigilante group. During a press conference on August 9, Mr. Chris Osa Nehikhare, the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, revealed that the government was currently training over 1,500 individuals for vigilante duty.

Nehikhare elaborated, “As we speak, the Edo State Government is training over 1,500 people for the vigilante assignment. A few weeks ago, we covered six local government areas, utilizing the Mobile Police Training School at Ogida Barracks, which the Edo State Government renovated and equipped to meet state standards.”

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He emphasized the importance of transforming these volunteers into law enforcement-minded individuals, tasked with safeguarding the lives of Edo citizens. Nehikhare expressed the government’s commitment to fostering a secure environment and stated, “Our state is more secure, and these volunteers are integral to our security strategy. We are immensely proud of their dedication, as we strive to make Edo one of the safest states in the nation. Our efforts to continuously train and empower these volunteers will persist….CONTINUE READING