BREAKING: Egypt, Algeria against military intervention, may support Niger if ECOWAS acts

NIGER – Facts have emerged that two north african countries, Egypt and Algeria are against any military intervention in the coup that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum of Niger and may fight on the side of the military junta if the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS goes ahead with threats to invade the country.

We gathered that though bought countries do not support coups in the region they believe military intervention as is being planned by ECOWAS is detrimental to the interest of the region.CONTINUE READING

Egypt believes what has taken place in Niger is an internal affair of Niger and no country has the right to intervene in the affairs of Niger.

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“Egypt will get involved if such an invasion happens, and which can change the position of the country from “Neutral” to “Pro-Government”, sidesofwar reported.

Niger shares its northern border with Algeria, Libya and Chad. Egypt in the past few days stated that it hopes that all parties would engage in constructive engagement and find an end to their political crisis.

Egypt discreetly aligns with Algeria, showing they both have the same position, that any intervention in Niger would be against the interests of the region and they would oppose it “in any way they can.”

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Egypt, which has dealings with Francophone countries is against any military assault that would inflict pains on the Nigerien, Malian, and Burkinabe military.

Egypt, according to sidesofwar, has a direct interest in the military cohesion and effectiveness of these troops in the local and broader file of the Sahel and Africa in the areas of terrorism.

Egypt has trained at least 4,000 troops, with around 800 being Malian troops, a company of Nigerien special forces, and the rest being combat soldiers and anti-terror units from the three aforementioned countries.

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“Egypt, before the coup by a few days in Niger, had supplied a sizeable military package to Niger, including 30 BRDMs, 20 Howitzers, tens of thousands of rounds and firearms and RPGs, and other surveillance equipment, such packages has been offered to Burkina Faso and Mali before, Egypt is not interested in directly intervening in any other countries, and only deals with the national armies and institutions of countries to respect sovereignty and order”, the channel said....CONTINUE READING