BREAKING: George Conway Takes to Truth Social to Brutally Mock Trump Over Presidential ‘Immunity’: ‘Have Fun at the Fulton County Jail This Week’

George Conway, the ex-Republican operative and former husband of Donald Trump’s campaign manager and senior advisor Kellyanne Conway took to Truth Social on Monday morning to brutally mock the former president over his claim to “immunity” from criminal charges.

Responding to Trump’s promotion of a Fox News clip during which Right-leaning attorney David Rivkin argued that Trump had “Constitutionally-based immunity” and” absolute immunity,” Conway assured him that he would have neither….CONTINUE READING

“Hi @realDonaldTrump. Sorry about the four criminal indictments, and about the civil rape case you lost to my friend E. Jean Carroll,” began Conway. “I know you’re still real mad at me for finding E. Jean the lawyer she hired to sue you, and about my telling everyone you’re a narcissistic psychopath and stuff. But I can help you on this presidential immunity thing, ‘cause it happens that I know a little about it. You can actually save some of the money you scammed off your supporters and have been using to pay your legal bills.”

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He continued:

I know you’re really busy with all the criminal cases and had to skip the debate and don’t like to read much, so I’ll cut to the TL;DR here. Which is that, apart from the fact you’re no longer president-I know you hate to hear it, but you did lose to Sleepy Joe and you know it!–you’re gonna lose a presidential immunity argument in Georgia for the same reason Clinton lost to [Paula] Jones and you lost to the Manhattan DA, which also happens to be the same reason why you weren’t (and still aren’t!) immune from being sued for raping and defaming E. Jean.You see, when you did all the bad things you did, you weren’t acting within what the Supreme Court calls “the outer perimeter” of your official duties and responsibilities as president. (I know “perimeter” is a big word for you; think of it as being like a property line in real estate. Or maybe Vanky can explain it to you?) Turns out that (like the Supreme Court told you!) presidents aren’t above the law!!

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Conway went on to argue that Trump was “not only” acting outside of his responsibilities, but carrying out their opposite (“PRESIDENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO **STOP** COUPS, **NOT** LEAD THEM!!!!”).

“Anyway, hope this little explainer helps. (I used the Initial Caps and ALL CAPS and exclamation points just for YOU!!),” concluded Conway. “P.S. Have fun at the Fulton County Jail this week. Hope you’ve been staying off the hamberders (sic) for the big mug shot and weigh-in!!…CONTINUE READING

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