BREAKING: Heartbroken Man collects ‘yam phone’ he bought for his girlfriend after she cheated on him – Watch Video

After a young man in Ghana found out that his girlfriend was having an affair with another man, the situation quickly escalated into one that was highly dramatic and emotionally charged.

The man is seen in the video confronting his girlfriend about her infidelity, and the video is currently making the rounds online….CONTINUE READING

He expressed his profound dissatisfaction, revealing that not only did he share a home with her, but he also made significant efforts to meet her needs and provide for her. He shared that he was deeply disappointed.

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The argument became more heated when the young man attempted to retrieve a phone that he had previously given to his girlfriend as a present. This type of phone is often referred to as a “yam phone.”

An eyewitness made an attempt to mediate and defuse the tense situation, but the man who had been wronged remained steadfast in his determination to retrieve his phone despite the witness’s efforts.

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As he exclaimed, “I live with her, yet she’s dating someone else,” his irritation was palpable. “I don’t understand,” he said. That person should be the one to buy her a phone.

The statement encapsulated the feelings of betrayal and disbelief that appeared to be consuming him at that particular moment.

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Despite his devotion, he expressed regret that others did not seem to value or reciprocate his efforts.

Watch the video below;