BREAKING: Hezbollah planning major offensive against Israel to avenge death of top commander: Top developments

Smoke rises after the Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip. (Photo: AP)

New Delhi: Israeli forces continnue their counteroffensive against Hamas as the war entered Day-5 on Wednesday. Since Saturday when Hamas carried out synchronised attacks from land, sea and air at Israeli locations, at least 1,900 people have been killed so far from both sides…..CONTINUE READING HERE

On Tuesday, Israel escalated its military operation in the Gaza Strip while conducting extensive airstrikes in various neighborhoods and increasing the mobilization of reservists to a total of 360,000 personnel. As per the latest reports, US plane carrying arms and other materials has landed in Israel.

Here are latest updates from the ongoing Israel-Hamas war:

  • As per the latest report, the combined death has toll has gone up to 1,900 in the ongoing war since last Saturday. At least 1,000 people have been killed on the Israeli side while about 900, including 200 women and 260 children, have been killed in Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza.
  • According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), their fighter jets have struck over 200 targets in Al-Furqan area of Gaza. This was the third strike in the area during last 24 hours.
  • Al-Furqan, a neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip, is used as a terror hub for the Hamas terrorist organisation, where a large number of terror attacks against Israel are directed.
  • Number of launches from Syria into Israeli territory were identified; some of them crossed into Israeli territory and presumably fell in an open area. As per the initial reports from the IDF, soldiers are responding with artillery and mortar shells toward the origin of these launches in the Syrian side.
  • Reports says that Hezbollah is planning a major offensive against Israel after death of its top commander Ali Rayaf Fatoni in an attack of IDF. Fatoni, having origin in Berut, was killed on Tuesday.
  • IDF said they will continue to operate against Hamas terror infrastructure that directs terror against Israel.
  • The first plane carrying US armaments arrived at the Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel on Tuesday evening. The cooperation between our militaries is a key part of ensuring regional security and stability in times of war, said IDF.
  • No specific information on role of Iran in latest Hamas attack, says White House: The White House on Tuesday said that there were no specific information about the role of Iran in the Hamas attack against Israel, but it is involved “in a broad sense” for funding the military wing of the militant group.
  • Hamas attack is unadulterated evil unleashed on the world: US President Joe Biden
  • In his latest remark on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, US President Joe Biden on Tuesday has the Hamas’ attack on Israel is an “unadulterated evil unleashed on the world”. He also said that at least 14 American citizens were killed in the incident…..CONTINUE READING HERE
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