BREAKING: How Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere’s of OPM Voice Was Cloned to Deceive the Public

OPM Church releases statement to distance itself from a voice note circulating, claimed to be the voice of Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere to deceive people.


We want to bring to knowledge of the public about a voice recorded message making the rounds in all social media platforms and blogs. The voice was cloned by distractors, haters and enemies of Apostle Dr. Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, Founder / General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) Worldwide….CONTINUE READING

It is a cloned voice and therefore should be disregarded.

It is pertinent to let the public know that the fake audio recording was computer generated which meant to tarnish the good image of the man of God and present him in a bad light and also distract him from carrying out his good works of helping the less privileged which God has called him to do.

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The truth is that the proponent of this blackmail who claimed to be a medical Doctor in the United States of America and cloned the voice of Apostle Chinyere had earlier demanded for the sum of 1million Dollars from the Man of God to stop this blackmail.

When it became so obvious that Apostle Chinyere wasn’t ready to respond to the fraudster, he resorted to recruiting people from different part of the world including Nigeria to blackmail the man of God.

He has recruited various sets of people to tarnish his image, malign and ridicule him with fake and non-existing stories. He is deceiving his new recruits with promises of money, visas to America and nonexistent university scholarships.

They have formed a cabal for blackmailing notable personalities with him as the lead clout chaser and have lured many to succumb to their evil plans with fake promises. We have carefully collected evidences of his attempts to recruit naive persons to tarnish the name of the man of God and shall be making them public in due course.

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The gate of hell is not happy because of the lives of the less privileged God has used him to save.

We want to assure the public that Apostle Chinyere will not be distracted from preaching the words of God and leading people to Christ and touching the lives of less privileged, widows, orphans and the voiceless.

Let me assure the public that Apostle Chinyere is stronger rather than being down as planned by his haters. He will redouble his humanitarian engagements to see that more helpless lives are positively touched.

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The public should once again disregard those evil rumors from agents of the devil.

We want to assure the public that more free schools will be opened, more free hospitals will be built, more free estates will be built; more overseas scholarship will be given to the less privileged Nigerians; more houses will be built for widows and many more life-changing projects….CONTINUE READING

The church of God must match forward and the gate of hell cannot prevent it. The mission of the haters of the man of God is like the devil’s threefold mission which is to kill, steal and destroy. But, we want to assure the public that Apostle Chinyere cannot be brought to disrepute.

Kenneth Nwachi