BREAKING: I am a bloody sinner and I am far from perfect, yet I completely rely on Allah. For Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, the former head of the insurgents in the Niger Delta, spoke candidly about his ideas during a recent live stream. He declared that although he commits sin and is not a perfect person, he completely relies on Allah.

Dokubo underlined the value of forging a close relationship with Allah, emphasizing that without it, all efforts in this life are in futile. He described how his unwavering relationship with God has served as his compass through difficulties in life, including allowing him to recover from tumors....CONTINUE READING

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In his open speech, Dokubo portrayed a sense of serenity in the midst of chaos, contrasting his own anxiety with that of others. He attributed this tranquility to his unwavering reliance on Allah, who grounds him in uncertain circumstances.

Dokubo acknowledged his flaws and called himself a “bloody sinner.” He yet found comfort in his unwavering faith in Allah. He asserted that it is because of his strong faith that he has been able to successfully manage the challenges of life and pursue growth.

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Dokubo exhorted others with a voice of conviction to understand the critical significance of forging a relationship with a higher power. He felt that his commitment to Allah had been the source of his fortitude and strength, influencing his attitude on life and directing him toward development and enlightenment.

In full, he added, “Everything you are doing in this world is a waste unless you establish your relationship with Allah. Because I am aware of my relationship with God, I have managed to overcome every turbulence and hardship in this life. I am not bordered when others are because I have a strong relationship with my God.

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“I am a bloody sinner and I am far from being a flawless person, but I know that I completely rely on Allah. My goal is to increase my knowledge....CONTINUE READING