BREAKING: It’s disgusting – Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu reacts to trending video of single women dressed in wedding gowns while praying for husbands

Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has reacted to the trending video of single women who wore wedding gowns while praying for husbands at a spiritual event.
Sharing the video, the missionary priest said the trend is “disgusting” and smacks of desperation….CONTINUE READING 
“It is now becoming a trend, and the more we keep quiet, it will soon be seen as normal,” he stated.
To all those churches asking women to wear wedding gowns to church so they can pray to have husbands, what you are doing is not Christian. . . In fact, it is disgusting.
What sort of desperation is this?
Why are you not asking the men to put on wedding suits and pray for wives?
And by the way, why do you need them to put on wedding gowns, is that what makes the marriage?
And to those who will gladly hire wedding gowns and wear them to church because you were told that it would connect you to your husbands, let me ask you this
When you pray for husbands, what exactly are you telling God to do?
That he should suspend the reasoning and choosing capacity of the type of man you want (and it usually rich men you want) so that even when your attitudes, character, and personality are not what he wants, he will close his eyes to all of them and marry you?...CONTINUE READING 


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