BREAKING: Kashim Shettima: Chief Marketer for The Federal Republic

Kashim Shettima: Chief Marketer for The Federal Republic

Nigeria was once a shining star in Africa during the 60s and early 80s, admired for its enormous potential by other African nations. There’s even a saying that “Nigeria is only a great leader away from being a superpower,” and if the country’s abundant natural and human resources are fully utilized, it could indeed become one.

However, various factors, with corruption being the topmost, prevented Nigeria from realizing its potential and becoming the Japan of Africa. Even though I believe that citing corruption particularly is too simplistic….CONTINUE READING

However, despite enduring unforgettable crises, including a civil war, Nigerians still look back nostalgically at clips of Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, admiring his simple, dignified, and eloquent public appearances. Tafawa Balewa’s oratory skills earned him the moniker “The golden voice of Africa.” While speeches alone may not guarantee development, they do inspire confidence, and the first generation of Nigerian leaders, including Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa, evoke a sense of pride in their astounding leadership.

Sadly, the nation’s morale has diminished, and Nigerians have lost trust in their leaders and the Nigerian State. This lack of confidence has significant consequences, such as prioritizing individual interests over national interests and losing skilled workers to foreign labor among others. According to a recent PEW research survey in 2022, approximately 45% of Nigeria’s adult population intends to emigrate to another country within the next five years. It so bad that there is a recent speculation that Dangote refinery is preparing to import skilled workers from India to help run the new refinery, not only because we lacked them, but because they have left.

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The “Renewed Hope” mantra of the Asiwaju-led government holds significant importance as it resonates with the average Nigerian who desires a return to past glories when Nigerian leaders played vital roles on the world stage, and the nation’s international passports were respected. Times when Nigerians desire nothing other than coming back home to be part of nation building.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s selection of Sen. Kashim Shettima as his running mate in 2023 presidential elections is considered the perfect combination for Nigeria, with Shetima’s exceptional oratory skills and ability to motivate and unify the nation, reminiscent of leaders like Tafawa Balewa. That decision alone says so much of how strategic and deliberate President Tinubu is. When you look at their actions and the people who surround them, you will know that they are not gamblers. Successful leadership often relies on good lieutenants.

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Sen. Kashim Shettima’s communication style is remarkably poetic, infused with mischievous humor and clarity. An avid reader and a book worm. However, he is hardly reading from a script, making his speeches more authentic and compelling, and his background as a former banker adds to his prowess as a skilled marketer. It’s evident that conveying messages effectively is second nature to him, given his experience in the field.

The recent outings of Vice President Shetima to Italy and Russia have garnered excitement among young Nigerians. His interactions with world leaders and powerful quotes have sparked a renewed sense of pride in the nation’s potential. The partnership between President Tinubu and Sen. Kashim Shettima gives hope for a brighter future, as they work to rebuild confidence in Nigeria, even if it entails painful steps, especially with regard to the economy.

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It is barely 100 days of their assumption of office, but there is a clear sense of direction in their leadership. Nigerian have waited for too long for a visionary leadership. Ironically, Nigerians have lost so much confidence, that they expect less of the Asiwaju led government, which is good the for administration. Because if the momentum continues, it means the administration will be the first to surpass expectations.

President Tinubu’s statement, “Nigeria, we are back,” after becoming Chairman of ECOWAS, holds significant reassurance for many young Nigerians, especially the students of history. The maestro himself is not a man of many words, but a man of action and many catch phrases. His decisive and assertive leadership in both Nigeria and ECOWAS will be something to look out for. The combination of President Tinubu and Sen. Kashim is a match made in heaven, complimenting each other and offering optimism and inspiration for the nation’s progress….CONTINUE READING