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The next-generation of Intel CPUs is coming. Almost a year on from the release of Raptor Lake, it appears that Intel CPUs are once again seeing a marginal upgrade. This year, Team Blue’s offering have seemingly been a dominant force, though AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D chips have captured the power crown for gaming workloads….CONTINUE READING

The leak, which stems from renowned leaker Harukaze5719, showcvased an Intel Core i7-14700K, in an image, the CPU is reported to have 20 cores, and 28 threads, at a clock of 3.4Ghz. It is believed that the core split might be 8 performance cores, and 12 efficiency cores on the chip itself. Given the clock speed, you can assume that the CPU is not a laptop variant. This was sooned followed up by Twitter user wxnod, who showcases a screenshot of the same CPU, with an open Cinebench Benchmark.
Intel Core i7-14700k benchmark leaks
Intel Core i7-14700k benchmarks showcased in a screenshotTwitter / Wxnod

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According to the leaks, we can see the alleged i7-14700k achieves two distinct numbers in both CPU-Z and Cinebench R23. We’ve listed the results below.

Videocardz claims that the CPU isx up to 17% faster on average in multi-threaded or multi-core workloads than its predecessor, the Core-i7-13700K. However, the increase in single-threaded performance is noticably smaller, at an average of just 4%. This may just be due to how early the motherboard BIOS being tested is, as well as a host of other factors, including that the chip itself has not been officially confirmed yet, so it is likely that we are simply seeing an engineering sample here.

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Regardless, the promising increase in multi-threaded tasks would be welcome news for those making use of their PCs in video editing or streaming. But, initial sings show that there may be less of a difference in gaming workloads overall.

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It feels like Intel is resting on its laurels a bit here. This generation of CPUs might be looking like more of an interative refresh rather than anything that significantly moves the needle for performance...CONTINUE READING