BREAKING: Man gets himself bitten by anaconda, watch what happens next

A man was seen recently getting him bitten by a huge anaconda. He went on explaining about the huge reptile and in course of his piece to the camera, he makes the snake to bit on his hand. The video has gone viral after being shared on Instagram.

Shared on Instagram by the user World_of_snakes, the user cautioned in the caption writing, “This is dangerous. Don’t try this....CONTINUE READING

Many people still have the query whether anacondas are poisonous or not. The answer to this question is an anaconda may bite someone. And the bite definitely injures the part of the body where exactly the bite occurs. Yet, the bite may not be fatal because anacondas don’t kill prey by ejecting venom through a bite. Rather, the serpent wraps body of the prey and squeeze until it stops breathing.

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In this video we can see that the youth is seen wrapped by a large anaconda around his legs while he has caught head of the reptile. He then goes on narrating about the snake by opening its mouth. The next occurrence was scary. The man makes the snake to open its mouth and puts his hand in between. As usual the anaconda presses its lower and upper jaws on the hand. In the next scene when the snake leaves the hand, we can see blood stain in the man’s hand.

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The video has earned a number of comments. A user asked, “When you truly love snakes u tend to not mind being bitten from them I guess…they also tend to be more relaxed when they bite and realize you aren’t trying to harm them as you can see in the end.”

“Was that handling really necessary?” asked another user.

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Yet another user wrote, “Do that with a rattle shake bro.”

“He should get in big problem to stressing out this anaconda !!!” a user commented….CONTINUE READING
Watch the video here