BREAKING: Man Who Went To Surprise A Lady With Expensive Gifts Finds Another Man Chopping Her “Honey Port”

A Ghanaian man shared a funny story about visiting a lady he liked. He had brought her expensive gifts. But when he arrived at her place late due to traffic, he realized her phone was off.

He parked near a police checkpoint, where he met a friendly female police officer. He gave her the gifts he had meant for the lady. Later, he found out the lady was at her boyfriend’s house right across from the police station….CONTINUE READING

Surprised, they made eye contact, and he drove back to Abuakwa. He spent time with the police officer instead, and things took an unexpected turn.

He opened up about it via social media…

Abena I’ve been reading through these travel journals, and I just can’t get my horrible yet lovely experience out of my head.

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Everything started shortly after the lockdown. I received a contract to fumigate all government schools in the municipality of Atwima Nwabiagya. While working with my employees, I picked up two lovely ladies traveling from Abuakwa to Ntesre. I promptly collected the prettiest lady’s contact information, and my foreman did the same for the other lady.

Let’s fast forward. I started feeling a connection with this lady and decided to pay her a visit one day. She handed me a list of things I needed to get for her. I gathered all of these goods and left around 6 p.m. Because of the severe traffic off the Abuakwa stretch, I arrived in Ntesre around 8 p.m. The dawning of reality hit me. I called this chick saaaa, but her phone was turned off. She had previously called when I was driving, but I never answered the phone while driving.

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I had to park at a police checkpoint on the outskirts of town. And lo and behold, there was this lovely police officer on duty that night. I asked her to let me park there, explaining that I would rather go to Kumasi but that it was late and I needed to sleep in my car. She told me Kumasi wasn’t far away and that I could still drive there. I laughed in my head since I was driving from Kumasi and had missed a match.

I decided to befriend her, and she was really open to it. I shocked her by giving her all of the presents I had planned to give to the lady. Aunty Abena and I afterwards assisted her with the opening and shutting of the automobile barrier. Is there new work? I decided to clean my teeth and drove back home around 5 a.m. To my astonishment, the lady I was going to see, whose phone was turned off, had come to sleep with her guy in the very house I had parked in front of. Just across the street from the police station.

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I was taken aback. Our gazes connected, and she was taken aback. I waited for the policewoman to leave before driving back to her home in Abuakwa. She proposed that I spend some time with her because she was on vacation.
Things happened, and we did what we needed to do. I slept there for the entire four days off. But I went on and did justice to the other lady in 2 weeks. Man, fatigue before oo...CONTINUE READING