BREAKING: “My Biggest Wish to be first female Governor of Kano State, President Of Nigeria” – Zainab Nasir

A young female activist and social media influencer, Zainab Nasir Ahmad has said her ambition is to become the governor of Kano state or president of Nigeria so that she can solve problems that men can’t do.

Zainab said this in her interview with Dokin Karfe TV , added that she has full hope and confidence that her ambition of becoming the president or governor of Kano State will be fulfilled….CONTINUE READING

“I don’t worry about what people say about me, because I see success and I am sure I will reach my goals”. Zainab Naseer said.

“I want to rule Nigeria or Kano State to bring an end to the problems we have faced like the problem of rape against children and women, the problem of corruption, bribery and the problem of terrorism which men failed to solve.” “I want to see economic development so that youths can get jobs to eradicate poverty in Nigeria or Kano State so that people can live in peace and prosperity in all areas”. Zainab Naseer said.

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Based on the lame understanding of women leadership, Zainab said that “even in Islamic history women were not a dictator in the field of contributing to the development of the society.” Examples:

The prophet of Allah (S.A.W) has succeeded in spreading the religion of Islam with the contribution of his wife and family. His wife Nana Khadija is a successful business woman whom Allah has blessed with wealth. Nana Khadija helped the prophet of Allah (S.A.W) with the donation of money for conducting the prayers and contributing advice and contributing of good character and encouraging him on his work of delivering the message of Allah (Messiness), this is an example that shows the bravery and dedication of women to the society”. Zainab said by him.

Zainab also added: “Even in the field of knowledge and teaching women are not left behind because most of the famous scholars who collected the hadith of the prophet (S.A.W) in the first place were women to teach them. Example: Ibn Hajar took lessons from about 53 women. As-Sakhawi also studied at 68 women’s place. Imam Suyuti also studied with about 33 women”. Says by her.

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More and more Zainab also added: “The prophet of Allah (S.A.W) taught that just as boys have the right to live and get knowledge and other rights, so do girls have the same right.” No one is greater than others in the sight of Allah except the one who is more merciful and fearing Allah. The claim of the prophet of Allah (S.A.W) is to give women freedom by enlightening the Arabs of the era of illiteracy to stop burying them, so this is an example that people will understand that men and women have the right to seek leadership. Says by her.

According to qualification and leadership qualification, Zainab said “women are eligible to be given every kind of leadership opportunities in the community because in a report released, between men and women who are the most qualified to lead the community in leadership system.” Politics ?

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Results indicate that six (6%) of (2,250) of the population reported that women were more qualified to be political leaders than men. And one in five people (21%) said that men are more qualified to be political leaders than women. In my opinion, sixty nine% (69%) say there is no difference in political leadership qualification among men and women, they are all the same, men are not better than women, women are not better than men, that’s what we can do. “We are more than men who do things that come and see”. Zainab Naseer said.

Finally Zainab requested the community to continue praying for her and giving her union and support to see her dream come true and succeed in solving the problems men failed to solve in this country….CONTINUE READING

CREDIT FROM Bashir Abdullahi El – Bash