BREAKING: Niger: Group Accuses Tinubu Of Protecting US, France Interests

LAGOS – A non-governmental organisation, Face Of Waziri-Nigeria (FOWN), has accused President Bola Tinubu of covertly activating war against the junta that took over power in Niger, in order for the United States and France to accord his government international legitimacy.

The group, which stated this in a statement issued over the weekend by its Director-General, Mr. Bukky Adeniyi, alleged further that the US prospect for uranium in Niger and the need to protect a subsisting US drone that has gulped well over $100 million built therein, is the cost required to legitimise Tinubu’s government.CONTINUE READING

While calling on Nigerians to be wary of Tinubu now more than ever, “owing to his desperation for war with Niger”, stated that, “We received some intelligence last week but refused to share it because it was too heavy. Now that Bola Tinubu has declared war on Niger through ECOWAS, we think it’s time to share it.

“After the coup in Niger broke out, Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, asked Tinubu to use ECOWAS to restore Bazoum because the US had invested over $100 million in building a drone base in Niger and didn’t want to lose access to it.

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“Also, aside France that buys Uranium from Niger, the US, which currently gets 14% of its Uranium from Russia, is shopping for a replacement and has its gaze fixed on Niger to fill the likely gap.

“The planned trade-off of Niger via declaration of war by Tinubu through the ECOWAS, was said to have been hatched with USA Vice President Kamala Harris, to prevent the likely backlash the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) ruling in his favour might have.

“Tinubu asked for something in return from Kamala Harris. He asked that they give him international legitimacy after the court declares him President. He knows there will be protests afterwards but he doesn’t want an EndSARS publicity. He wants the US to back him and not let the international media report it as they did during EndSARS and Bring-Back-Our-Girls.

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“So an agreement was reached last week that if Tinubu protects US and French interests in Niger, the US and EU will back his government no matter what he does.”

“The following day Tinubu wrote to the Senate to mobilise the army. It failed. Now, he has asked the ECOWAS commission to declare mobilisation, so it won’t look like it’s coming from him.

“But the plan is to secretly deploy Nigeria’s military equipment and send soldiers but not as Nigerian army but as private contractors. The arrangements have already been made and the US and France are going to fund it,” part of the statement read.

Adeniyi alleged that Tinubu at the height of his at-all-cost mien, chose to prosecute the war against Niger not minding the opposition expressed by northern senators whose votes he fought so hard to get.

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“It is because he doesn’t need them anymore. Once he can win back Niger for the US and France, he’s free to do anything in Nigeria and no one will care. He can even kill all the protesters and you won’t see it in the international news,” he said.

FOWN cited past Chile, Indonesia and Chad leaders who tread same path Tinubu currently treads, adding that Nigerians are battle ready to resist the devilish stance.

“Just Google Augusto Pinochet of Chile, Suharto of Indonesia who killed over 1 million people in Indonesia with US support, or Ferdinand Marcos. Or even more recently look at Chad.

“What Tinubu is trying to do is to gain the approval of the West to completely take over Nigeria, kill Nigerians and plunder the nation dry while having the unconditional support of the almighty United States, but Nigerians won’t take this lying low,” the group added.CONTINUE READING