BREAKING: Nigerian University Expels Student for Impregnating Her Female Lecturer

The authority of the Federal University of Lafia (FuLafia) has expelled one of the undergraduate students of the institution following an allegation that he impregnated his female lecturer.CONTINUE  FULL READING>>>>>

The accused student of the Department of Computer Science (simply identified as Kevin) was said to have been expelled by the University’s disciplinary board after listening to his case.

The accused student, Kevin, who was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Computer Science was shown the exit door of the institution after the University’s disciplinary board found his case to be disheartening.

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He was accused of sleeping with his female lecturer, leading to impregnating her with acute shock.

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The university’s disciplinary board did not however take any disciplinary action against the female lecturer involved even though Kevin confessed to the Senate committee that heard the matter that he had slept with their concerned female lecturer on several occasions including inside her office set within the school.

The confession might mean that there might have been a mutual relationship between the female lecturer and Kevin, but the Lecturer might not want it leading to pregnancy.

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The Senate committee described Kevin’s action as one which had put the university in the limelight for immorality and promiscuous behavior and has not only watered down the dignity of the university but also the integrity of the lecturers therein.

“Kevin confessed that he had slept with the lecturer on so many occasions, including in her office set within the administration block,” a source disclosed.

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Kevin has however been crying helplessly asking for the School Senate committee to have mercy on him and lower the gravity of the sanction slammed on him as he regretted his action, having affairs with his female lecturer and Impregnating her.

People have been asking questions about the female lecturer at the center of this news. Whether she was r@ped, underaged or the Senate just decided to be partial in their judgment.CONTINUE  FULL READING>>>>>