BREAKING: “Only an inexperienced President would consider war after barely 3 months in office”

Viral Gist: “Only an inexperienced President would consider war after barely 3 months in office”

In a recent interview with Arise TV, prominent activist Mahdi Shehu issued a stern warning to President Tinubu regarding the prospect of engaging in armed conflict with the coup leaders in Niger Republic….CONTINUE READING

Shehu asserted that embarking on such a military endeavor after only three months in office reflects inexperience and lacks sound judgment.

Shehu remarked, “This is a war that Tinubu cannot afford – physically, psychologically, intellectually, and militarily. The capacity for such an undertaking is simply not present.”

He suggested that President Tinubu might be employing the idea of war as a pretext to create a situation that prompts Nigeria, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and Niger into a crisis, thereby enabling the invocation of constitutional provisions for emergency rule.

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However, Shehu expressed confidence that Nigerians are astute enough to see through such tactics.

The activist pointed out that if the people of Niger have chosen a military rule to express their frustration, it should be respected.

He criticized the international response, questioning where bodies such as ECOWAS, the United States, and the United Kingdom were when other countries fell under military control due to inadequate governance and leadership.

Shehu underscored the need for democratic leaders to be accountable and responsible to curb the possibility of coups.

Continuing his discourse, Shehu warned of potential repercussions should President Tinubu opt to intervene militarily in Niger.

He cautioned that such a move could result in severe consequences for both President Tinubu and the ECOWAS coalition.

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In his words;

‘’This is a war that Tinubu cannot afford. Physically, psychologically, intellectually, militarally. The capacity is not there. I think he is using this war as an alibi, as a cover to ensure the war comes between Nigeria, ECOWAS and Niger and that will make him invoke the constitution provision for emergency rule. That will not happen. Nigerians are much wiser.

They have no business going to Niger if the choice of the Niger people to express their own frustration is a military is a military rule and they have welcomed it, so be it!

Where was ECOWAS when other countries were being taken over by the military? Where was America, UK? If the military rule is an option to irresponsible leadership, to fraud in governance, to betrayal of trust, so be it.

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If the civilian Presidents don’t like coup, they should be democratic, responsible and answerable. Short of that, coup will always be an option to people who are aggrieved.”

‘If Tinubu decides to go and invade Niger along with ECOWAS, he will lose more than ECOWAS because definitely, we going to the polls anytime, any day soon, we will go back to the polls and that is when Nigerians will realise that they have been called upon in the past, be wary, be careful, beware of a Tinubu presidency. They didn’t hear. Now we are seeing the manifestation of absolute failure and incapacity, inability and lack of experience. Only an inexperienced President, barely three months in an office can begin to think of war, he added….CONTINUE READING