BREAKING: Pensioner Found a Boy in the woods and Asked if he was Lost But The Answer The Gave Left The Man In Surprised

“Russell Jones lived in the town of Akraines in Iceland. One night, he was surprised to find a lost boy in the freezing forest close to his home.

When morning came and he found out the whole truth about the boy, his hands shook. Russell was not happy with the immense amount of snow that had fallen in his backyard overnight, but he still wanted to go out….CONTINUE READING

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It was late afternoon when he opened his front door and took a deep breath, feeling a light breeze on his face. Nothing made the old man more excited than his daily walk at exactly 6 PM, always accompanied by his best friend and faithful companion, Spike.

Although the snowfall had left more than eight inches of snow on the ground, the dog went ahead of him as if he were clearing the way and leading the walk.

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Russell’s complete love and trusting relationship with his little dog was easy to understand. Spike was his only friend, and Russell felt safe with him around. The old man had no one else to rely on after the death of his wife and the loss of his only daughter, Holly.

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His daughter was really a late blessing in life, since both her parents were already over 40 when Russell’s wife became pregnant. They had difficulty trying to conceive, and just when they had given up, they received word from the doctor that unbelievably, his wife was….CONTINUE READING