BREAKING: Peter Obi raises alarm over threats to life for turning down massive bribes

Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP) has blown the lead on threats to his life for rejecting “mind-blowing” offers which are bribes, apparently to silence his opposition voice by the authorities that can only be traced to Aso Rock…..CONTINUE READING HERE

That gives credence to the allegation by Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that President Bola Tinubu and his All Progressives Congress (APC) want to swallow or decimate the opposition to foist a one-party state on the Nigeria.

Obi, who spearheaded the third force and shook up the political system in the last presidential election, did not name names on Sunday when he made the disclosure on X Space organised by ParallelFacts.

But he stood his ground that he is not afraid to die for what he believes is right.

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“I can tell you the offers that I get today is mind blowing. On the other way round, for refusing the offer, what they want to do to me is also very frightening. But I am ready to go through anything,” he stressed,

“As I keep telling people, when they say, ‘Peter you’re putting your life in danger,’ if I die at sixty something, I did not die a young person. Some people died in their twenties, thirties and forties. And I have kids who are now graduates and doing their own things.

“If I go today it’s fair enough; as long as I don’t deviate from these things that I said from the day I decided to get into government.

“I will always be on the right path.”

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Obi had reiterated his point last month that Nigeria will not see change until Nigerians destroy the structure of criminal enterprises created by politicians who kill, bribe, and lie to gain power and gaslight the populace to retain state capture.

He lamented the purchase of N160 million luxury SUVs for each federal lawmaker at a time the “people are suffering.”

Obi spoke at Ajao Estate, Lagos when he went to condole with the family of constitutional lawyer and pioneer Ohanaeze Secretary General Ben Nwabueze who died at 91.

Nwabueze was “consistent, honest, and truthful about a better Nigeria,” Obi recounted fondly.

“Constituency projects are criminal,” he declared, referring to lawmakers.

“Because the executive is also criminally minded, it succumbed to things like that. Rascality and bad behaviour has been our culture. We should go back to the parliamentary system of government. It allows the people we vote to speak to us.”

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Federal lawmakers insensitive to poor people’s plight

“In Nigeria, Presidents delegate questions to aides. The criminality must be dismantled. People who already have cars are being given cars worth N160 million [each],” Obi added.

“People are suffering, there’s need to be modest. The person we vote for must be answerable to the people.”

Obi narrated that in all the years he knew Nwabueze, he was “consistent in telling me things [were] not working. He was consistent in telling me that the Constitution needs to be amended and the right things done.”….CONTINUE READING HERE