BREAKING: “President Bola Tinubu Is The President Of Nigeria Whether You Like It Or Not”- PDP Chieftain Tells Atikulators, Obidients

In a bold statement, former presidential aide Reno Omokri, who served under the People’s Democratic Party regime, addressed supporters of Atiku and Obi, known as Atikulators and Obidients respectively.

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Taking to his Twitter handle, Omokri expressed his thoughts to Nigerians who were disheartened by the outcome of the presidential election, as their preferred candidate had lost. He asserted that if Tinubu is not recognized as their president, yet they continue to use Nigerian passports to travel internationally, they are engaging in “outright fraud.”

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“If you refuse to recognise the President of your country, Nigeria, yet, you continue to use your Nigerian passport to travel (and get detained at Heathrow Airport), you are an outright fraud!.”

Omokri went on to emphasize that the Nigerian passport is issued in the name of Nigeria’s president, who he identified as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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“Every Nigerian passport is issued in the name of the President and Commander-in-Chief. Using your Nigerian passport is tantamount to recognising Bola Tinubu as your President. President Bola Tinubu is the President of Nigeria for now. Whether we like it or not, it is true.”

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The statement made by Omokri reflects a strong belief in the leadership of President Tinubu, urging individuals to acknowledge and accept his position as the president of Nigeria, regardless of personal preferences or political affiliations….CONTINUE READING Image