BREAKING: Prof Utsev: President Tinubu has made history again

By Engr. Prof. A.P. Ihom

There is this adage that says ”once there is life there is hope”.

The people of Mbagen in Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State are today rejoicing and thanking God for the appointment of their son Prof. Joseph T. Utsev as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu….CONTINUE READING

The president has made history by appointing the first ever Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from Mbagen people of Benue State. This will ever be remembered in the annals of the history of Nigeria that our magnanimous, amiable, benevolent and kind President remembered the downtrodden people of Mbagen who are never remembered for key appointments in the state.

The Mbagen people have been marginalized by successive governors in the state exception of the regime of former governor; Distinguished Senator George Akume. The former governor who is now the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria is the only governor who gave key appointments to Mbagen people and has been consistently doing so.

George Akume is a man with a heart for the downtrodden and abhors marginalization.
The Mbagen people are hardworking people, who believe in communal and cooperative way of living. They are equally known for making history.

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It will interest Mr President and all to know that the first person in Tiv land to attend University was from Mbagen, the first Tor Tiv of Tiv land had root from Mbagen, although, it was later learned he was from another clan in Tiv land; this was to be discovered later, the first indigenous Catholic Bishop of Benue State was from Mbagen, and the strong supporter of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Governorship candidate of the UPN was from Mbagen. Mbagen people are lovers of knowledge and education, and they have produced so many Professors and doctorate degree holders. However, in the political equation of things in Benue state we are always relegated to the background. Thus far have the Mbagen people fared.

For those who do not know Prof. Joseph T. Utsev; let me say a little about this young dynamic eloquent and intelligent scholar from Mbagen; an asset that any country would like to have. Just like other children of his age born in the 80s started nursery/ primary school at age three and just like other children as we have it today including my children at age nine (9) left primary school for secondary school where he continued with his track record of academic excellence. In the University he read civil engineering and graduated with B.Eng degree in Civil engineering at the first class division. He then went in for Master degree programme in Civil engineering, after his first year on the programme, the school was mesmerized and astound with his superlative performance and the school had to review the programme and upgrade it into a PhD Programme, which he completed in record time.

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Prof. Joseph Utsev has been a University lecturer, where he rose to the rank of a University Professor, and has held several appointments; first as Commissioner in Benue state, Executive Director, (Engineering services with Lower Benue Basin Development Authority), and the most recent being the pioneer Rector of Federal Polytechnic Anunne in Benue state. All being very challenging responsibilities. God has always been on his side just as age is on his side and he does not need to falsify his age as mischief makers would want the good people of Nigeria to believe. Of course someone born in 1980 does not need to reduce his age for any appointment in this country.

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We the people of Mbagen are extending our solidarity and support to President Bola Tinubu for remembering the people of Mbagen. Thank you Mr President, and to the amiable Secretary to the Federal Government; Dist. Senator Dr. George Akume we are saying ride on, Mbagen people are solidly behind you. We felicitate with you as our leader in North-Central Nigeria. Our support is for you and none other. Our son Prof. Joseph Utsev will be loyal to the President and the Federal Republic of Nigeria….CONTINUE READING

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long live President Bola Ahmed Tinubu !!
Long live Senator. George Akume (SGF) !!!
Long live the hard working people of Mbagen nation!!!!
Engr. Prof. A.P. Ihom
On behalf of the good and hardworking people of Mbagen