BREAKING: Ritual money gone wrong: Young boy describes his terrifying encounter

In a recent episode of the tell-it-all programme “Confession” on Accra-based TV3, a 17-year-old junior high school graduate opened up about the distressing consequences of his quest for financial assistance for his struggling family. Facing the unemployment of both his housewife mother and jobless father, the young man’s desperation led him down a troubling path that has left him in a state of fear and anxiety…..CONTINUE READING HERE

The teenager, who completed junior high school two years ago, shared that his father lost his job three months prior, exacerbating the financial challenges his family was already facing. Inspired by friends who said ritual money was the key to success, he looked for a way to get his loved ones out of poverty.

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The narrative takes a dark turn as he describes the ritual he underwent, involving incantations and a pot, culminating in a terrifying encounter with a large snake. The fear instilled by this supernatural experience has left the young man unable to eat, sleep, or focus on his life. Seeking help from a pastor to reverse the ritual proved futile, as the ritualist had returned to his home country, Benin, leaving the family in an even more precarious situation.

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This poignant story underscores the vulnerability of individuals, particularly youth, who may be enticed by promises of quick financial gains through supernatural means. It highlights the importance of fostering awareness and support systems to guide young people away from risky paths and towards constructive avenues for addressing economic challenges.

In my opinion, this narrative serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for accessible and effective social safety nets. It’s crucial for communities to be vigilant and provide support structures that deter individuals from resorting to desperate measures. Additionally, educational programmes should focus on financial literacy and empower the youth to make informed decisions about their future, steering them away from potentially harmful avenues….CONTINUE READING HERE

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