BREAKING: Supreme Court To Decide once and for all whether or not Any American President Enjoys Presidential Immunity in Criminal Offenses

A sharp and the smartest move by the best and so far the greatest and the most patriotic Public Prosecutor America has ever produced in my opinion…..CONTINUE READING HERE

The Ball is now in the Court of the Supreme Court to decide once and for all whether or not any American President enjoys Presidential immunity to commit criminal offenses and to get away from them pretty much like King Louis the XIV of France had done or like King Henry the III of England who had ordered 3 of his wives including the great Ann Boleyn to be beheaded in cold blood just because he had immunity to do whatever he wanted because he considered himself as totally above the Law.

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The Supreme Court which has been flooded by Donald Trump to give an absolute majority to the Republican- leaning Judges in the Court to be able to help him end Democracy in America and thus make himself a Dictator for life if he is re-elected in 2024.

Time is of the essence for this ruling by the Apex Court in the Republic to now take the bait to demonstrate their autonomy and their neutrality and independence and their Respect for the Rule of Law by granting this “Certiorari”Injunction otherwise called Expedited Hearing of imperative Public Importance to hear and to decide the case with immediate effect and automatic alacrity.

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We have to wait and see where the 9 Supreme Court Judges led by Chief Justice Robert want to come down on this ruling.

America is all ears!!!!!!!