BREAKING: Taliban deploy ‘thousands of troops’ and ‘hundreds of suicide bombers’ in water dispute with Iran

Muslim-on-Muslim violence has caused far more than 12 million deaths since 1948. Add in the untold millions more among infidels and apostates (and continuing), and it should be clear how utterly preposterous the notion of “Islamophobia” is.

The Taliban have now deployed “thousands of troops” and “hundreds of suicide bombers” in preparation for war with Iran over the 715 mile-long Helmand River….CONTINUE READING

A potential war goes beyond a conflict between two highly volatile countries, which are at the same time apparently working together against ISIS, and could have devastating potential consequences for the region. An Afghanistan/Iran armed conflict could escalate into a war that involves other countries and produces countless more refugees to flood into the West.

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“Report: Taliban prepare large number of suicide bombers in water dispute with Iran,” IFP Media Wire, August 7, 2023:

The Taliban sent thousands of troops and hundreds of suicide bombers to the area, a person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg, claiming the group is prepared for war with Iran over a water dispute. Tehran has issued a warning to the Taliban, urging them to honor Afghanistan’s water-supply agreement or face the consequences.

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In 1939, the Iranian and Afghan governments signed a treaty on sharing the river’s water, but the Afghans failed to ratify it.

In 1973, the two sides finally signed an accord that accepted the flow of water into Iran at 22 cubic meters per second or 820 million cubic meters of water a year with an option for Iran to purchase an additional four cubic meters per second in “normal” water years.

However, the agreement was neither ratified nor fully implemented due to political developments, including a 1973 coup in Afghanistan, the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan that same year, and finally the rise of the Taliban in 1995.

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Since the Taliban took over in 2021, authorities in Kabul have emphasized adherence to the Helmand treaty, but in practice, Iran has not received its due share of water from the river.

Iranian officials and lawmakers have time and again complained that the country is not receiving its due share of water from the river…CONTINUE READING