BREAKING: The Hypocrisy of General Overseer Tunde Bakare!! By Wumi Akintide

I am a Historian by training and certification, I simply cannot help but flaunt my historical and institutional memories which inform my disagreement with some of the points Pastor Bakare has made in his so-called State of the Nation Address to his own sectional Congregation which he has now turned into political weapon and constituency in my opinion.

The learned and eloquent Pastor has criticized President Tinubu over his “Emilokan”Syndrome and Precept.

If any Nigerian politician is guilty of that syndrome, it is nobody but Pastor Bakare himself who has used the name of his God in vain by telling his Congregation long before the APC Convention in Abuja that God had already told him he was going to be the successor to President Buhari as the 16th President of Nigeria….CONTINUE READING

Here was a candidate who did not receive a single vote in the Primaries other the one he had given to himself now having the effrontery to criticize President Tinubu for claiming “Emi lo kan” and for being lucky and strategic enough to achieve his goal with clocklike precision and without mischievously using the name of Allah or God in vain like Pastor Bakare has done.

I see Pastor Bakare as being very jealous of President Tinubu by now offering himself as the center and the nexus of stiff opposition to President Tinubu in the APC where he is now viciously accusing Tinubu and blaming him for everything that had gone wrong with the APC under the man who once nominated him (Pastor Bakare) as his running mate in an election they both lost very badly as I recall.

Pastor Bakare most certainly spoke some truths in his State of the Nation Address to his Congregation but he also committed some blunders and playing Judas Iscariot to the man he once described as the most hardworking Presidential candidate in Nigeria in one of his previous speeches I have seen.

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Pastor Bakare is a convert from Islam to Christianity who frequently double- speak because he is sound and very eloquent but politically- mischievous and dangerous.

President Tinubu is by no means a perfect candidate or politician as I have often acknowledged in few of my articles on him, but he is not chicken-hearted and timid like Pastor Bakare was insinuating or suggesting. In fact he was the typical “Ako Ekute to mbere ija lowo Ologbo” by taking on and engaging the Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy for once in our History and taking the Presidency from them by hooks and by crooks.

But for him, another Fulani in Atiku or Ahmed Lawan would have been the one flaunting power in Aso Rock today with an Igbo Vice President from the Southeast or Delta State.

Come on, Nigeria, give a Yoruba man a chance to also rule Nigeria or let us go our separate way.

Nigeria did not become another Singapore or Indonesia because the Hausa/ Fulani in a gang-up with the Igbos would not let Obafemi Awolowo rule Nigeria despite his amazing record of performance in the defunct Western Region.

I am aware, of course, that General Obasanjo was given a chance but I also remember he was the best Military man among his peers despite few of his shortcomings too.

He, Obasanjo had become the most respected African Military ruler who missed being appointed the Secretary General of the United Nations by a whisker because he did not go to MIT in Boston, Massachusetts like the great Kofi Annan who beat him to the finished line only because of that factor as I recall.

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That man, Obafemi Awolowo would have turned Nigeria to Singapore pretty much like Lee Kuan Yu.

Nigeria would have been back again to Square One or back again to the “Status quo ante Bellum” like we say in Latin my best subject in Oyemekun and in my HSC at Ibadan Grammar School under Canon Alayande as my Principal, if Tinubu has not run for President.

The Yorubas all owe Tinubu a debt of gratitude for putting a true Yoruba man in the saddle for the first time in the History of Nigeria.

The Yorubas are not going to see him driven out of office thru a gang-up or conspiracy masterminded by another frustrated Afonja of Ilorin like Pastor Tunde Bakare who wants to bad- mouth Tinubu for beating him flat at the APC primaries and for proving him to be a fake prophet who was reporting what God did not tell him because the God I serve and worship does not lie like Pastor Bakare.

Come on, Pastor Bakare, give us the Yorubas a break.

We are all solidly behind Tinubu and we are all praying to God to let him lead Nigeri to the promised land even though he has his own faults and shortcomings just like the rest of us and like Pastor Bakare.

We all must give credit where credit is due.

President Tinubu has done something that no Yoruba leader before him, be it the great Obafemi Awolowo or the filthy-rich MKO Abiola has ever done.

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I give Tinubu high marks for bulldozing his way to the Presidency by using tact and diplomacy and his God-given talents and despite all of the opposition by the power brokers of Nigeria to derail his presidential ambition at the last minute by naming a consensus candidate less than 24 hours before the APC Primary Convention in Abuja.

The least we can do as his fellow Yoruba patriots is not to join the bandwagons of his political enemies in the other Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria to strip him naked and to cause more problems for the embattled President who is trying his best to change the status quo by listening to advice and making haste slowly.

Why I dare ask is the Yoruba man always the loudest in criticizing one of our own while clandestinely and surreptitiously plotting his downfall.

The Yorubas had done it to “Iku Baba Yeye”Alaafin Aole of blessed memory

They did it to to the greatest and the best Nigerian politician and statesman the Yorubas and Nigeria ns have ever produced based on my personal knowledge of him.

They did it to MKO Abiola and now they are doing it again to Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu Omo Olodo Ide and the famous Lion of Bourdillon and the Jagaban of Borgu who has only been in office for less than 3 months….CONTINUE READING

If Pastor Bakare has nothing good to say about Tinubu, he should keep his mouth shut and let his sleeping dogs lie.

I rest my case.