BREAKING: The Urgency Behind Tinubu’s Interest in Conflict in Niger Republic

Exploring the Motivations Behind His Pursuit of Conflict Contrary to the Desires of Nigerians and Nigeriens.

  1. Deterring Potential Coup Plotters in Nigeria: One possible reason for his inclination towards war could be to set a precedent that discourages coup plotters within Nigeria, using the situation in Niger Republic as an example of the consequences of destabilization….CONTINUE READING
  2. Crafting a Scapegoat for Future Setbacks: By potentially instigating conflict, Tinubu might seek to create a scenario where he can attribute any eventual failures or challenges to the ongoing conflict, diverting blame from himself.
  3. Garnering Legitimacy and Diverting Attention: War in Niger Republic could offer Tinubu an opportunity to seek international recognition and support, particularly from Western powers, thereby potentially obscuring controversies like his alleged involvement in the Chicago incident.
  4. Nurturing His Self-Image as a Shrewd Political Strategist: The pursuit of conflict might be a manifestation of Tinubu’s desire to bolster his self-perceived image as the astute “jagaban” of Nigerian politics, feeding his ego and elevating his status within the country.
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These potential motivations shed light on the complexity of Tinubu’s interests and the factors that might be influencing his actions.