Dear Ladies, If You Still Love Your Female Organ, Stop Engaging In These 2 Habits

One of important things which every human came to do in life is having children. The purpose of living in this life is to have children and live an happy life till the end of our life. But in our societies nowadays, lots of people especially ladies are facing serious problem of infertility.

Having difficulty to conceive is not a good condition and no lady can pray to face this problem, because those who are facing it can explain what they are passing through due to it. But after I have done some Investigations about things that can cause problem of infertility to lady, I realised that there are some things which lady can do that can make her to find it difficult to conceive....CONTINUE READING

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Every young ladies should know that your female organ is very important when it comes to having babies. When a lady’s female organ has developed some health complications, there is no assurance that such lady will be able to conceive. So make sure you protect your female organ.

In this article, everyone of us will have opportunity to know some 3 things that can cause problem of infertility to lady, if such lady continue doing them for long time. So, if you a lady and you are engaging in these 2 things, or you have ladies who are also engaging these habits, try to read these things properly so as to safe yourself and others.

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Below are the 2 things that can affect female organ.

1) If You Love Your Female Organ, Stop Engaging In Smoking.

As a lady, if you really love your female organ and you want to protect it, you must not smoke. Smoking can lead to reproductive damage, it can damage your female organ which can let the problem of infertility occur.

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Research made me know that women who smoke do not conceive as efficiently as nonsmokers. The risk for infertility problems increases with the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

2) If You Love Your Female Organ, Stop Engaging In Doing Abortion.


Taking drugs to abort pregnancy is not advisable for you if you don’t want to lose your female organ. Doing abortion can damage your female organ, so stay away from it….CONTINUE READING

These two things are dangerous to your female organ. So beware of them.