“Disguise don cast” – Man shows off vast difference between the interior and exterior of his house

A Nigerian man has shocked internet users after showcasing the interior of his house which differed greatly from the exterior..READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>>>>

The footage showed the house’s exterior looking messy, with grass and rubbish scattered around. It was quite different after entering his flat.

Man shows off interior and exterior of his house

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The inside included tile flooring, contemporary furnishings, and a well-lit pop ceiling.

Internet users questioned why he had to blow off his disguise and pointed out that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC would be keeping an eye out for them.

Check out some reactions below…

marvel noted: “They don confuse efcc with this kind move except nah by intel”

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D.I.P said: “Y’all be casting yourselves ok. Ndlea and efcc taking notes”

Deslilym advised: “At least he should clean the surroundings. I don’t like dirty guys”

Frank The Writer wrote: “What’s the need of doing the video? Lol.. Y’all can’t hide for goodness sake. Must everything get posted?”

Duchess stated: “A clear example of ‘It’s not the box, It’s what happens inside the box!’”

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Ibukun asserted: “Lmao. Na disguise o. E necessary for this Nigeria if not, efcc go just carry all of them”.READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>>>>