How Former NBA President Olisa Agbakoba Expresses Disapproval of Lawyers Debating Tinubu’s Chicago State University Certificate on Television

Former Nigerian Bar Association President, Olisa Agbakoba, expressed his dismay at the sight of lawyers appearing on television debates to discuss the merits or demerits of President Tinubu’s Chicago State University certificate. In a recent statement on his X handle dated October 9, Agbakoba stressed the importance of awaiting the Supreme Court’s verdict on the controversy surrounding President Tinubu’s certificate….CONTINUE READING HERE

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His statement reads as follows:

“I am deeply concerned about the ongoing frenzy surrounding the Chicago State University certificate matter involving President Tinubu. The current cacophony of conflicting opinions from self-proclaimed legal experts is escalating tensions in Nigeria.

I implore everyone to exercise restraint and refrain from expressing their views until the Supreme Court issues a definitive ruling on this matter. It is disheartening to witness lawyers debating on television about the legitimacy of President Tinubu’s Chicago State University certificate. Such discussions are counterproductive.

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I also call upon the media to avoid providing a platform for these unregulated debates on the CSU matter in both television and print. Furthermore, I urge the Nigerian Bar Association’s President to take action against lawyers who violate ethical standards by transforming the media into a makeshift courtroom.

Let us prioritize the stability and harmony of our nation. We must allow the Supreme Court of Nigeria to deliver a legally binding judgment that will guide us all. It is essential to put an end to this public spectacle….CONTINUE READING HERE

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