How To Check Your Driver’s License Status In Nigeria

What should one know about the driver’s license status in Nigeria? Fake driving license has been an issue in Nigeria for a long time with many drivers being unable to even spot the difference between an original and a counterfeit. It’s a fact that Nigeria has recently faced a large number of fake driving licenses.

They are issued in such a way that their owners may not even know that they have a false document. This is why you need to know how to check your license validity….CONTINUE READING

If you are obtaining a driver’s license for the first time in Nigeria, these steps will be of help to get it done fast without delay and harassment;

Attend training at an accredited driving school.
Your driving school will then present you to the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) for a driving test.
Once you pass the driving test, you will be given a certificate of proficiency from the VIO.
Complete the driver’s licence application form at the Drivers Licencing Centre (DLC) or apply online via
Pay the licence fee online or at the Bank.
If you applied online, print your acknowledgement slip once the payment is verified.
Present your application form/slip to the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) Officer and VIO at the DLC for endorsement.
Proceed to the FRSC Officer at the DLC for biometric data capture.
Obtain a temporary driver’s licence valid for 60 days.
Pick up the original driver’s licence at the BIR Office after 60 days.

How to check if your driving license is original
How much does it cost to do a driver’s license in Nigeria
How much does it cost to do a driver’s license in Nigeria

Many people don’t even know that the so-called “official” that issued them their driving license gave them a fake document. They only realise this when stopped by an FRSC official and verification is done. But why wait till you get into trouble before determining if your license is genuine? Here is how you can check the genuineness of the document from the comfort of your house.

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Simply visit the FRSC Nigeria website at
There is a “DL application” icon on the page, click it for a drop-down menu.
If your driving license is expired, click on “Renewal” from the drop-down.
While if it’s still valid, click “Re-issue driver’s license”. A search bar pops up for either one you click on. This is where you enter the necessary information, which is your date of birth and your driving license number. Make sure they are entered correctly as it is on the license so you can get proper feedback…..CONTINUE READING
Click “search” afterwards.
A box will pop up containing the driver’s license number you put up, click “OK” after confirming that the information you provided is correct.

Depending on how fast your Internet is, you might wait up to some minutes while it loads to find information from the FRSC database about your driver’s license. Once information is provided in connection with the date of birth you provided and the driver’s license number, then you will have nothing to worry about. But if nothing shows up, it means your driver’s license is fake. This is also why you should endeavour to input the right data. However, if you go ahead to use the document after not seeing anything about it on the website, then you’re committing a criminal offence.
How to get an original driving license
How To Get Foreign Driving License From Nigeria, Cost and how to obtain a foreign drivers’ license
How To Get Foreign Driving License From Nigeria, Cost and how to obtain a foreign drivers’ license

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Complete driving school to Get a learner’s permit

Getting your original driver’s license isn’t much of a hectic task. The steps have been well done so it can be easy for you.

First of all, you’ll need to attend a driving school. The good thing is that the FRSC has a comprehensive list of all the accredited driving schools in Nigeria. All you need to do is check which ones on the list are close to you and visit them. After attending this driving school for a given duration (could be weeks or months, depending on how fast you learn), you’ll be given a learner’s permit. This is to show that you are now accustomed to the traffic rules on Nigerian roads and you can drive. This permit also lets other road users know not to pressure you, even when there’s an accident.

Take Exam With VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer)

Once you’ve imagined the learner’s permit, the next is to partake in an exam by a VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer). This exam is practical and is meant to ensure that you really learned what the driving school said you did. Once you pass, you’ll get a certificate of proficiency which you’ll use in applying for the driver’s license. You can either apply online or at the Driver’s License Center closest to you. You’ll pay for it though.

Get your permanent driver’s license

Once done, you’ll submit your application form with the necessary information and you’ll get a temporal license you can use for two months. Within these two months, you’ll be called by the board of internal revenue to come and take your permanent driver’s license. This license lasts for five years. There used to be the three years license but a lot of people opted for 5 years validity which has become more popular.

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Checking license status

However, if you really need your license soon or if two months have elapsed and no news about your license, you can check the status of your license using a short code for phones and all Nigerian networks.

All you need to do is type “NDL STATUS [your driver’s license number] ” and send it to 33811 – as text. For instance, NDL STATUS FN123456G90 to 33811. You will get a response letting you know if your license is ready yet or not. If you have some time on your hands, you can visit the driver’s license office too for a follow-up.
What to do to avoid being given a fake driver’s license in Nigeria?

A lot of people claim to be vendors of driver’s licenses and are willing to sell to those who are too busy to visit the licensing centre or maybe want to get there in a week, Also be wary of corrupt officials willing to fast-track your license for you. Most of the time you’ll end up more than you originally would. Now that you know where to get an original license and how to check your driving license status, don’t let anybody scam you.

It will be very wise not to obtain the licenses from individuals who are not official representatives of the Federal Road Safety Commission. There are special agencies that are allowed to issue legal and valid driving licenses and they should be the only place where an individual is supposed to obtain a driving license. ….CONTINUE READINGHow To Get Foreign Driving License From Nigeria, Cost and how to obtain a foreign drivers' licenseHow much does it cost to do a driver's license in Nigeria