JUST IN: Bashir Ahmad Cautions Against Simplifying ECOWAS’ Deployment Of Troops To Niger Republic

Bashir Ahmad, a former presidential aide, has provided his insights regarding the recent directive issued by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu, to deploy standby military forces to the Niger Republic….CONTINUE READING

During the conclusion of an extraordinary meeting held in Abuja, ECOWAS declared its decision to deploy military troops on standby to help restore constitutional order in the Niger Republic amidst the ongoing political turmoil.

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This determination to deploy military forces stemmed from the failure of the military junta in Niger to meet ECOWAS’ stipulated deadline for reinstating the deposed President Mohamed Bazoum….CONTINUE READING

In earlier pronouncements, ECOWAS had conveyed its readiness to contemplate the utilization of force as a last resort if the Nigerien military authorities did not comply within a specific timeframe.

Responding to the ECOWAS directive, Bashir Ahmad cautioned against simplifying the situation by assuming that the body had unanimously chosen military intervention. He emphasized that the intricacies of warfare encompass multifaceted elements that should not be trivialized.

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Through his Twitter account, Ahmad conveyed his thoughts, stating, “Given the recent developments surrounding ECOWAS’ intended actions in the Niger Republic, certain individuals, including various media platforms, appear to be shaping public perception towards the conclusion that both Nigeria and ECOWAS have definitively resolved to opt for military intervention in our undeniably critical neighboring nation. This portrayal is unfortunate.

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“It is essential to acknowledge that warfare is characterized by a multitude of factors, as evidenced by recent occurrences in Sudan and the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Lessons from history, such as the protracted conflicts involving the United States in the Middle East, should also be heeded. The ultimate triumph lies in upholding peace….CONTINUE READING