JUST IN: Biafra’s Future Foresees a Continuation of Political Turmoil: Coups and Counter Coups

Struggle for Power Prevails in Biafra: A Series of Leadership Overthrows and Flouted Authorities Ojukwu, the initiator of Biafra, expressed regret and urged the Igbo people to abandon the movement. Unexpectedly, Uwazuruike proclaimed himself as the new leader of the republic.

Ojukwu remained silent until Nnamdi Kanu toppled Uwazuruike from power in Imo state. Subsequently, Simon Ekpa from Ebonyi seized authority from Kanu, claiming to be the legitimate leader of the exiled Biafra republic government.

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Despite Kanu’s warnings from prison to denounce Ekpa’s government and follow only Kanu’s orders, Ekpa disregards them and continues to consolidate power for himself. This paints a future for Biafra, resembling Niger republic, with numerous coups, instabilities, and short-lived governments....CONTINUE READING