JUST IN: Charting a Transformational Course: Kogi West and East Unite for Power Transition With SDP’s Murtala Ajaka

Murtala Yakubu Ajaka shines as the preeminent statesman, uniquely poised to reinvigorate the democratic pulse and restore the beacon of power to the illustrious domain of Kogi WEST.

Given the current critical juncture, it is paramount for the key political figures within Kogi WEST to proactively initiate a dialogue and actively engage with Murtala Yakubu Ajaka. In the realm of politics, numbers and negotiations wield significant power, and regrettably, Kogi WEST finds itself without a numerical advantage….CONTINUE READING

This was notably evident during the 1999 Kogi State gubernatorial election held on January 9, 1999, where Abubakar Audu (representing Kogi East) secured victory as the governor-elect. Running under the now-defunct All Peoples Party (APP), he secured an impressive popular vote of 608,329. Conversely, the late Arc. Stephen Olorunfemi (hailing from Kogi West), a candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, amassed a total of 349,050 votes.

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To ensure a successful shift of power to Kogi West, it is imperative to establish strategic alliances and facilitate effective negotiations. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka stands out as a credible and dependable option for this pursuit, setting himself apart from Governor Yahaya Bello.

In the course of Governor Yahaya Bello’s leadership, he strategically utilized his influence to nominate a close family associate from the same polling unit as his potential successor, thereby consolidating power in the central region for an extended duration of 16 years.

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In addition, his endeavors to lead the establishment of Okunland University were unfortunately hindered by shortcomings. This has not been positively received within the Okun community. It’s important to consider that Okun might not be the ideal region to govern in Kogi State, given the rushed creation of an underdeveloped university.

Nevertheless, these accomplishments are clouded by concerns surrounding Governor Bello’s credibility. His consistent failure to honor agreements gives rise to legitimate uncertainties about his reliability and ethical integrity.

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In the current juncture, Kogi WEST and Kogi East must join forces and navigate a power transition via Murtala Yakubu Ajaka, following his accomplished 8-year tenure, alongside the auspices of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

In a compelling denouement, the metamorphosis of Kogi State into the embodiment of the SDP ethos, as exemplified through Ajaka’s remarkable accomplishments, serves as a vivid testament to the pragmatic essence that pervades the realm of elections and politics. This convergence fortifies the seamless unity between the SDP ideology and the vibrant tapestry of Kogi State….CONTINUE READING

– Muhammad Ahmad writes from Abuja.