JUST IN: Confirmed Portable, Pasuma perform at Celestial Church of God, Lagos [Video]

An update on the controversial praise night that saw popular Fuji musician Alabi Pasuma and street-hop artist Portable invited to perform at a Celestial Church in Lagos has been confirmed….CONTINUE READING HERE

Nollywood Times earlier released the news that Portable was seen performing in a yet-to-be-confirmed Celestial Church despite the initial controversy. However, it has been confirmed that it is the same church and the same event.

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Despite the condemnation, a new video surfaced on the internet showing Pasuma and Portable performing at the praise night. Pasuma opted for a casual shirt and trousers, while Portable adhered to the church’s white garment dress code.

The artists passionately performed Portable’s popular track, “Zazuu,” with congregants enthusiastically joining in, creating an atmosphere of excitement and shared celebration within the church….CONTINUE READING HERE

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