JUST IN: El-Rufai recommends Jafaru Sani for ministerial role amid allegations of tension with Tinubu

El-Rufai questions transparency in nomination process and motivations behind Tinubu’s decision

  • El-Rufai discusses withdrawal from ministerial consideration with Tinubu; blames Ribadu and allies for hindrance
  • El-Rufai’s willingness to support President if needed; suggests Jafaru Sani as replacement, informs Governor Uba Sani

The former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has put forth a proposition that Jafaru Sani assume a ministerial appointment, a move stemming from his assertion that President Bola Tinubu harbored underlying hostility towards him during the process of nominating him for the ministerial position….CONTINUE READING

El-Rufai found himself among a trio of ministerial nominees whose Senate confirmation was not secured, a situation that arose from a pool of 48 candidates submitted by Tinubu. This development has prompted El-Rufai to raise concerns about the nomination process and question the motivations behind Tinubu’s decision-making.

According to sources, El-Rufai confronted President Tinubu in a recent meeting held at the State House. During this encounter, El-Rufai accused Tinubu of possessing reservations about him and being privy to petitions lodged against him, despite eventually nominating him for the ministerial role.

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The former governor’s dissatisfaction stemmed from what he perceived as a lack of transparency on Tinubu’s part and a hidden animosity. This opacity, El-Rufai argued, not only resulted in a lack of upfront communication but also fueled suppressed resentment.

Insiders familiar with the meeting between El-Rufai and Tinubu have conveyed that El-Rufai explicitly highlighted that Tinubu could not feign ignorance about the petitions against him, insinuating that Tinubu’s decision was influenced by these factors. An aide from Aso Rock emphasized that El-Rufai’s competence is widely acknowledged, and that the President would prefer him as an ally rather than an adversary, regardless of any potential disagreements.

The heart of the matter appears to be centered around Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser, who reportedly amplified the gravity of multiple complaints against El-Rufai’s suitability for a federal executive council position. Ribadu’s influence led to objections to El-Rufai’s security clearance, ultimately preventing his nomination from moving forward smoothly. The primary issue prompting these objections were allegations, sourced from petitions spanning different parts of the country, that accused El-Rufai of instigating ethnic conflicts in Kaduna and engaging in money laundering.

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In response to these developments, El-Rufai reportedly engaged in discussions with Tinubu shortly after the Peoples Gazette reported that he was withdrawing from consideration for a ministerial role due to mounting security concerns. El-Rufai, during these discussions, placed blame on Tinubu for allowing Ribadu and other assertive security aides to obstruct his security clearance, thereby permitting rumors to proliferate regarding his suitability for the position. Ribadu and his allies were said to have vigorously advocated for President Tinubu to heed the influx of damning petitions against El-Rufai, which ultimately fueled the decision to withhold his nomination.

Notably, prior to formally withdrawing from contention for the ministerial post, El-Rufai apparently declined appeals from allies to reconcile with Ribadu, a step that could have potentially swayed the National Security Adviser’s stance against him. El-Rufai’s stance on the matter has yet to be publicly confirmed or refuted, and he has refrained from addressing specific allegations put forth in public petitions, apart from his general denial of involvement in acts of violence or corruption.

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El-Rufai, while asserting his lack of personal interest in the ministerial appointment, has underscored his willingness to extend support to the President if called upon to do so. Subsequent to these developments, El-Rufai has identified Jafaru Sani, a former commissioner in Kaduna, as his preferred replacement. El-Rufai reportedly informed the current Kaduna Governor, Uba Sani, of his intention to nominate a potential minister from the state, and this decision garnered mutual agreement.

As these events unfold, El-Rufai’s immediate plans include a trip to Egypt, the timing of his return to the country remains unclear, leaving observers eager to witness how this complex and evolving situation will continue to develop….CONTINUE READING