JUST IN: Everyone would be pleased once the Election Tribunal issues its decision on the merits, says Kalu Kalu

Every Nigerian will be happy with the outcome once the presidential election tribunal gives a ruling based on merit, according to Nigerian attorney Kalu Kalu.

Judges should make decisions based on merit rather than procedure, according to Kalu, in an interview that will run tonight on AIT….CONTINUE READING

In his own words, as heard on tonight’s edition of AIT…

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“The choice must be made based on the situation’s merits, not the legal requirements. The administration and observance of justice are two of its guiding principles. It is crucial to prioritize substantive justice over merely procedural justice. Everyone will be happy when the election tribunal hearing the petitions renders its ruling based on the merits rather than on technicalities.

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A vast body of literature argues that our court should err on the side of substantive justice rather than technical fairness. On Wednesday, the entire nation of Nigeria is depending on the tribunal to provide meaningful justice….CONTINUE READING