JUST IN: Evolving Story: Oshiomhole’s Wisdom Gains Spotlight As Obaseki-Philip Feud Intensifies

Evolving Story: Oshiomhole’s Wisdom Gains Spotlight As Obaseki-Philip Feud Intensifies

By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Even when the truth is cunningly concealed or ignored, it will eventually come to light; the only wish is that the individual who is affected is still living to see justice triumph over wrong….CONTINUE READING

We are lucky that every political figure involved in this story are still alive to either share in the joy of truth prevailing over deceit or, in some instances, face the outcomes of their dishonest actions.

Before I continue, allow me to highlight this fact: Politics stands as a legitimate and indispensable profession due to its pivotal role in shaping policies, laws, and choices that influence both societies and individuals.

Politicians bear the responsibility of representing the needs and concerns of their constituents, advocating for progress in social and economic realms, and addressing intricate problems that impact citizens’ well-being.

As a career, politics demands proficiency in communication, negotiation, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Those who partake in it often possess the chance to instigate positive transformations and contribute to the advancement of their communities and nations.

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That being said, I must take a moment to applaud Adams Oshiomhole, the foremost political figure in Edo State. At present, while Adams Oshiomhole is being honored as a senator in the 10th National Assembly, those who propagated various falsehoods against him are now grappling with their own internal crises.

Oshiomhole was once labeled a Godfather who supposedly hindered the state’s advancement. However, today, at over 70 years old, Adams Oshiomhole has transcended the role of a mere Godfather; he has become a fatherly figure to all in Edo State.

Presently, his vindication is clear as it becomes evident that he was never the state’s issue. His accomplishments and leadership are now acknowledged as the most outstanding for the state thus far.

In the realm of politics, the measure of a politician’s success rests on their ability to remain in the spotlight without facing disgraceful exits from the stage. Presently, Oshiomhole stands as a prime example of this longevity and dignity.

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He has achieved a remarkable status in Edo State, where individuals from various political affiliations can turn to him for assistance. Regardless of party lines, anyone can approach him and say, “Baba, I need your help,” and without hesitation, Adams Oshiomhole steps up.

When Adams Oshiomhole responded to the summons to vie for the senatorial position in Edo North, it was prompted by the resounding appeal of the people of Edo from all three senatorial districts. Even though the other two districts were aware he wouldn’t directly represent them, they still rallied behind him.

Their reason was simple: with Adams Oshiomhole on the national stage, there was a collective belief that the entire state would experience a breath of fresh air.

The situation changes when we consider Obaseki and his deputy, Philip Shaibu. They are currently locked in a bitter battle that seems likely to harm them both. It’s possible that Philip could be shamefully impeached by Obaseki, and the governor might retire in disgrace.

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Either way, their roles in politics could soon become history. Meanwhile, Adams is entering a new phase of political influence. As Obaseki and Shaibu struggle with their issues, Oshiomhole’s path is filled with possibilities. His enduring wisdom and commitment to his constituents have set the stage for another impactful chapter, showing that true leadership persists even in the face of conflicts.

Oshiomhole’s smart move to represent his people at the national level was very wise. Now, his importance is becoming clear as his fellow citizens see him as a trustworthy leader, like a respected father.

Moral lesson: Lies might look good on the surface, but the truth will eventually uncover them. Even in really difficult situations, the truth will find its way out, just like a light in a dark forest.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy….CONTINUE READING