JUST IN: Fear women: Man cries out as his girlfriend blocks him on her Whatsapp status to post a video in bed with another man (Watch Video)

A Nigerian man’s story of heartbreak has captured the attention of social media users after his girlfriend, in a seemingly cold-hearted move, muted him on WhatsApp and then proceeded to flood her status with affectionate videos featuring another man.

The man’s story began after his girlfriend muted him on WhatsApp and then proceeded to flood her status with videos....CONTINUE READING

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The event has sparked conversations about the complexities of modern relationships and the effects of showing affection in public settings.

The man and his friends are seen in a viral video looking at his cheating girlfriend’s status update in a room. Unfortunately, the man was not allowed to watch the videos that his girlfriend shared with another man while they were together in the bedroom.

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The raw emotions of the man who had his significant other mute him on WhatsApp so that she could openly share intimate moments with someone else are captured in the video. The man was left heartbroken because he had no idea that his partner would do such a thing….CONTINUE READING

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Watch the video below.