JUST IN: Former Emir Sanusi: Hold Politicians Accountable, Demand Transparency

Former Emir of Kano, Khalifa Muhammadu Sanusi II, has urged Nigerians not to be intimidated by presidents or state governors. Sanusi, who leads the Tijaniyya sect, emphasized that being involved in politics doesn’t make one superior, and Nigerians should not feel inferior for not engaging in political matters.

In a statement, the former Central Bank Governor stressed that if Nigerians remain submissive and fail to break free from the control of political leaders, the country’s future could be at risk. Sanusi emphasized that citizens should not allow themselves to be silenced or restrained by those in power….CONTINUE READING

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He stated, “Being in politics or not doesn’t define our worth as individuals. We must realize this as Nigerians. We often tolerate too much and remain trapped in our comfort zones. If we let these trends persist, our children might inherit a nation without identity.”

Sanusi highlighted the need for accountability in politics, stating that those who are not involved directly in politics should still hold political figures accountable. He emphasized that while this may be uncomfortable, it’s necessary for securing the future of the nation and ensuring that leaders are held responsible for their actions.

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Sanusi concluded by addressing the challenges posed by incompetent leaders and expressing that standing up against such situations should be seen as a badge of honor, even if it makes individuals uncomfortable. He stressed that it’s essential to challenge the distorted environment to ensure a better future for generations to come.