JUST IN: “How a friend’s sister discovered her husband was a ‘ghost’ after 2 years of marriage and a child” – Nigerian lady narrates

A Canada-based Nigerian woman is grappling with astonishment and confusion after learning that her husband, with whom she has been married for 2 years and shares a child, is purportedly a ‘ghost.’

The shocking revelation came to light through a mutual friend’s sister, sparking a storm of disbelief and inquiries into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding this unconventional union….CONTINUE READING

The woman took to social media to express her incredulity, tweeting about the startling discovery that has left her community in utter disbelief.

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She recounted how the couple’s seemingly ordinary relationship was upended by the revelation, which has raised perplexing questions about the nature of the relationship and the plausibility of such an unusual occurrence.

In her words;

“I heard the most shocking news today!!! A mutual friend’s sister just found out she married a ghost & they have a son together. Are ghosts real? How was he able to impregnate her? I have questions,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“Akuko a li mu onu. Meaning: this story chop my mouth. I’m shocked beyond my imagination. Yo! I saw the family picture. Again, how can a ghost get someone pregnant biko nu?

“Before you marry anybody, make sure you ask questions. Allow your parents to do their research. You might be getting married to a ghost,

“He wanted a small wedding (2-4 people in attendance). The people this man brought are not his family members. They were new friends he made in a new state in Nigeria. Turned out he was a ghost after 2 years of marriage and a 1-year-old child. This is too much….CONTINUE READING

See below;

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