JUST IN: INEC Adopts Innovative Technology Tools To Boost Electoral Accuracy And Operational Efficiency

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has welcomed the incorporation of cutting-edge technological tools aimed at bolstering the precision of the results management process and enhancing operational efficiency across the nation.

These advanced tools have been specifically designed to tackle the challenges encountered during electoral activities….CONTINUE READING

During the formal handover ceremony in Abuja, INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, affirmed that these tools were made possible through the collaborative efforts of Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI).

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Yakubu emphasized that these technological solutions introduce innovative measures that can foster efficiency, speed, due diligence, and trust within the electoral process….CONTINUE READING

He underscored that the tools have broader applicability beyond a single electoral cycle, proving invaluable in future elections and electoral undertakings.

He elaborated on the five key thematic areas addressed by the tools, which encompass enhancing and reinforcing planning and operational capabilities, refining internal communication and external stakeholder interactions, amplifying the Electoral Institute’s capacity for training and research, enhancing the legal and policy frameworks governing elections, and advancing the integration of technological innovations.

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Yakubu remarked, “Today, we are pleased to witness the handover of certain tools developed in partnership with DAI to the Commission.

Notable among these tools are: The Collation and Returning Officers Management System (CROMS), designed to streamline and enhance the recruitment process for collation and returning officers, ensuring security, reliability, and credibility; The Election Results Management System (ERMS), aiming to elevate the results management process, ensure accuracy, and establish a repository for election results in line with Section 62 (1) and (2) of the Electoral Act, 2022.”

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He further outlined the other tools in the lineup: the Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool, devised to enhance INEC’s ability to filter media coverage, and the Political Parties Financial Reporting and Audit System (PFRAS), intended to facilitate more efficient and effective monitoring of political party finances….CONTINUE READING