JUST IN: My female boss threatens to sack me if I don’t have s3kz with her – Young man cries out

A young Ghanaian guy has used Abena Manokekame’s platforms to discuss his experience of being divorced from his wife.

This young guy claims that a woman who is presently her boss helped him get employment when his firm failed….CONTINUE READING

She usually expects sex from him whenever she visits her in her apartment after finding out that she is no longer with his wife. He now worries that if he does not sleep with her, he could lose his job.

He wrote;

Good evening Auntie Abena, something is bothering me. I’m a guy. I got married in my early 20s in 2019. It was just a year’s interval between me and my wife, our wedding was successful and everything went smoothly. However, there was always a misunderstanding between me and my wife so we are no longer together (separation).

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Things became tough me, my businesses collapsed after the separation. FF a certain lady helped me to secure a job. She’s my supervisor and helped me get this job but she always shouts on me when I make the least mistake.

That’s not all. She sometimes invited me to her apartment to chat with her. She began to discuss her relationship with me but I told her that I no longer believed in love because of what I had gone through. Somewhere in June, when I went to her house she held my hands. One thing led to the other and I had sezz with her though she claimed that she has a boyfriend.

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She doesn’t come to my house but she wants me to visit her every blessed day and if I don’t go, when she comes to work the next day she won’t talk to me. When I buy gifts and food for her she will give the money back to me. She says she doesn’t need anything from me, the only thing she’s demanding from me is to be always available for her….CONTINUE READING

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Any time I pay a visit to her she wants us to have sezz. Please I know it is a sin before God but it was through her that I got the job and through her I can be sacked. Please what should I do now? I can’t leave without getting a job too.