JUST IN: National Association of Nigerian Students warns Department of State Services, says Planned Protest to go on

The National Association of Nigerian Students has on Tuesday warned the Department of State Services not to deter students from exercising their rights to protest, saying it is a universally recognised human right.

This is coming following a statement from the Department of State Services that some politicians were mobilising student leaders for violent protest against the Federal Government over socioeconomic matters.

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Reacting to this, the National Public Relations Officer of the union, Giwa Temitope, said the student body would be storming the University of Lagos for the protest on Wednesday and urged the DSS not to infringe on the rights of students....CONTINUE READING

Giwa stated that it is embarrassing that the DSS has derailed to become the propaganda arm of the Federal Government and is interfering in affairs that do not relate to their line of profession.

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