JUST IN: Pro-Palestine American told Fox News reporter something that should have EVERYONE rethinking US immigration policies (Video)

The attack by Hamas on Israel has sparked both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protests around America, and the sentiment being reflected at some of them might have you rethinking America’s immigration policies.

Fox News attended a “Free Palestine Rally” in New York’s Times Square, and the interviews it showed with some of the protestors are chilling to say the least…..CONTINUE READING HERE

One woman, who became irate when another man said “America first,” told a Fox News reporter that “Israel would not exist without America” and that she was most certainly not America first. When she was asked if she was an American, she said “yes.”

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Dave Rubin has some news for her.

“The idea that Israel would not exist without America is also not true,” Rubin explains, referring to the British Empire’s 1947 Partition Plan. “The point is, they didn’t get the state because of America.”

He’s also not a fan of what these protestors are ultimately supporting.

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“They’re telling you, ‘we sympathize with people who murder babies,’” Rubin says.

“At what point — if all of your allegiances as an American are to foreign terrorist organizations and you excuse and celebrate the murder of innocent people all over the world — at what point do we have a problem on our hands here in America?” he asks.

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