JUST IN: Sour Grapes Against Isese- A Rejoinder To Dr Lasisi OlagunjuSour Grapes Against Isese- A Rejoinder To Dr Lasisi Olagunju

I have just read the piece by Dr. Lasisi Olagunju on Isese Celebrations. These are my observations:

a) In trying to make his points… he delved into Yoruba philosophy and the richness of our cosmological concepts which Chriatianity and Islam are always condemning....CONTINUE READING

b) He is confused about the importance of ISESE to the Yoruba consciouness about their cultural values.

c) He is neither here or there about the need for ISESE as a vehicle for cultural… economic.. and political mobilization to advance the progress and prosperity of the Yoruba Nation.

d) Dr. Olagunju’s so-called “laugh” over his Edo friend’s observation suggests to me an obvious lack of comprehension of the cultural renaissance that is sweeping across Yoruba land.

e) It is a misreading of the polity by Dr. Olagunju to claim as follows:

*”…there is a disconnect between today’s Isese Day and majority of Yoruba people’s contemporary concerns and interests.”*

What is the basis of this phantom claim? Where is his *evidence?* Or is this just his gut feeling?

f) Obviously… Dr. Olagunju is very *nervous* and *concerned* that the usually silent Isese believers are no longer quiet about their beliefs and are determined NOT to be suffocated by the foreign relions of Islam and Christianity. What is wrong if today’s Isese is *”costumed as a competition with Muslims’ Sallah and Christians’ Christmas?* Why is Dr. Olagunju discomforted by this development?

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g) For Dr. Olagunju… who engages in serial appeal to Yoruba philosophical world view in his writings and even in this article… his position on Isese is baffling. Or is he being affected by his Islamic faith in his judgement and assessment?

h) Dr. Olagunju claims that *”… discussions are about how best to do the impossible: alienate Islam and Christianity in Yorubaland.”* If he thinks this is *”impossible”* why is he concerned? Why is he nervous about the situation?

Why has he not shown any concern about the attempts of Islamists and Christians to eradicate our own Isese through constant demonisation and denigration and sometimes through violence?

g) Dr. Olagunju is a Muslim. His efforts to de-market Isese and the renewed energy of the practitioners is wrapped in serious suspicion and ill-motives. He at first… tried to limit everything to *”cyberspace.”* But the evidence suggests otherwise by the large turnout of the celebrants. Then.. he characterized it as *”hollow holiday.”* So… because Muslims have to go into annual debt to buy rams makes Sallah a more important one than Isese? Does that give Sallah any depth? Dr. Olagunju is an intellectual. He needs to avail us more explanations for rigorous interrogation and examination.

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h) It is a good thing that Dr. Olagunju calls for *”… the creative energy of the Yoruba of all faiths home and abroad.”* How does his putting down Isese as a faith help to achieve this? With the obnoxious machinations of Muslims and Christians against Isese practitioners… how does he think his lofty suggestion would see the light of the day?

i) For at least two centuries now… Dr. Olagunju’s Islam and its fellow Abrahamic Christian arm have been pumelling.. denigrating… demonizing… attacking…. de-marketing our Yoruba traditional religion practitioners. Dr. Olagunju is comfortable with that because of his Islamic persuation. He does not see anything wrong in that. Now… that the authentic Yoruba people are waking up to reclaim their own faiths and culture… he is nervous and jittery… chacterizing their celebration as *”hollow.”*

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The FACT is that a NEW DAY is here. Increasingly… people
are finding out that ISLAM and CHISTIANITY are SCAMS. They put their FAITH in ALLAH or GOD that they have to fight for which underscores the powerlessness of who they worship. They have to murder… maim… kidnap… engage in arson to defend their nonsense.

Even then… that is their right to be Muslims or Christians. But they DO NOT have the right to force others to buy into their charade. They should know that unlike hitherto.. when they had the field to themselves alone… it is not going to be the same going forward. The Isese believers are here and they are here to stay. They will debate and counter-attack. And they will DEMAND EQUAL RIGHTS….CONTINUE READING

*I have the inalienable right to worship my STONE in peace. Yes.. I chose that over a Jesus Christ or Mohammed any of whom I cannot vouch for the integrity of their identity or their preachments.*

The rest is better left unsaid.