JUST IN: US to Investigate Villavicencio’s Murder, Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled in Ecuador

The gruesome murder of second most popular Ecuador presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio has attracted the US observers and Europeans to the country.

US Ambassador, Mike Fitzpatrick to Ecuador, said he was “deeply shocked” by the assassination.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, also said the U.S. “condemns this brazen act of violence and assault on Ecuador’s democracy…..CONTINUE READING

President Guillermo had asked the US to assist them in the murder investigation.

Meanwhile, a U.S. official said they had already began investigation plans since they received the news on Wednesday night.

Spain, Chile and the European Union has also condemned the crime.

European Union had also expressed concern for the unfortunate incident in Ecuador.

“We are horrified by the tragic attack… Violence cannot win. Democracy can,” European Union ambassador to Ecuador Charles-Michel Geurts tweeted.

Late Fernando Villavicencio speaking at campaign ground

Recall that the country was thrown into utter confusion on Wednesday night, August 11, when the second most popular presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio was gruesomely murdered by unknown gun men Quito, the State capital, where he was doing his campaign. Many were injured and one of the suspects was short by the security personnel.

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President Lasso quickly made a press release after the unfortunate incident, he blamed the crime to be an organized one and went further to declare a 3-day mourning period in honor of Villavicencio and also declared a state of emergency in the country. Meanwhile the president, alongside the NEC chairman, Diana Atamaint, insisted that the scheduled election of August 25th would still hold, despite what has happened.

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A police report reveals that six more suspects of the Fernando assassination has been arrested and they are all confined to be foreign Nationals linked to organized crime groups.

The remains of Fernando is currently in the police custody for autopsy.

Since Thursday, there has been massive search in homes by the police and thus far, arms has been recovered. Such as firearms, contraband, submachine gun, grenades, motorbikes and a stolen vehicle.

Also, the prophecy of Nigerian clergy,Primate Elijah Ayodele seems to have been fulfilled, following the assassination of Ecuadorian popular politician, Fernando Villavicencio, one of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming general election in the State.

While forth telling things to happen in the nearest future, as recorded in his annual book of prophecy (2022/2023), Prophet Ayodele revealed that the country of Ecuador would be thrown into political apathy in the coming year, the country would face several attacks and the sitting President, Guillermo Lasso would be forced to resign. This was one of the many visions he saw for Ecuador.

‘’The country will face political tension. They will protest against the president and a vote of no confidence will be passed on him. The citizen will go against the policy of the government and the government will not perform well. The government will have several constraints and must be careful in the coming elections not to lose his position and for his party not to be condemned. The government will fail to achieve big. There will be a lot of developmental projects to be carried out in the country that will worry the government. There will be too much of conflicts in the country. There will be protests and attacks in the country. There will be things that will come up in the country that will bring issues for the country. The country will protest against hardship, injustice and Human Rights abuse and of course, the country will face several challenges,’’ the prophecy reads in part.

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Also, to confirm Ayodele’s prophetic utterances, President Guillermo in 2020 was almost evicted from the seat of power in 2022, following the mass protest and vote of no confidence passed on him by the National Assembly, which the president narrowly escaped.

Record has it that Ecuador has not known peace in the past few years, particularly since Guillermo became President of the country.

There has been underlying cases of crimes, particularly of drug trafficking, linked with political bodies in the country for a long while and it’s as though, Ecuador has been sitting in a gun powder.

Since the murder of Fernando, who was reportedly investigating and exposing the corruption in the country, Protests has been ongoing in various parts of the country and the people has been clamoring for the resignation of President Guillermo.

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According to the citizens, Guillermo’s policies has so far promoted injustice, hardship, corruption, human rights abuses and many other negative things. Thus they are passing a vote of no confidence on him.

Guillermo had equally said that he was not going to contest for a re-run.

This goes ahead to confirm all of Ayodele’s prophecies as regards Ecuador.

The late politician journalist, Villavicencio, who wrote about corruption in Ecuador and also served in parliament, had polled at 13% behind lawyer Luisa Gonzalez, who is close to former left-wing president Rafael Correa, in the forth coming election.

Before his death, Villavicencio had alerted that his life was being threatened by the former president Correa (2007-2017), who was sentenced to eight years in prison, after the journalist uncovered his corruption scheme which led to his arrest.

His closest opponent, Gonzalez and other presidential candidates has condemned the shameful death of their colleague and also declared that every campaign has been suspended till further notice.

“We will never allow such acts to go unpunished. When they touch one, they touch all. When one’s life is at risk, everyone’s life is at risk,” Gonzalez said on his social media handle.

Also Ecuador National Court of Justice president, Ivan Saquicela said Villavicencio’s murder is a painful loss for the country…..CONTINUE READING

“I am very hurt and very worried about Ecuador,”