JUST IN: We’re going To Be Looking At The Soldiers Lost And The Costs Invested In Them That Is Gone–Babangida

Describing the incident as a national tragedy, Captain Babangida expressed confidence that similar occurrences can be prevented in the future. He suggested that the armed forces could deploy equipment to prevent such tragedies from happening, indicating a belief in proactive measures to enhance security operations<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

The slain military personnel responded to a distress call amid a communal crisis between the Okuama and Okoloba communities in Delta State before they met their tragic fate. The bodies of three senior officers were found floating by the riverside, while others were discovered on the land, as confirmed by the NDDC Jetty in Delta State. In response, Chief of Defence Staff Christopher Musa has ordered a probe into the incident to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the officers and soldiers.

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In an interview with Arise TV, Captain Babangida emphasized the need to assess the losses incurred, including the soldiers, equipment, and the widows left behind. He labeled the event as a national tragedy but expressed optimism that similar incidents can be avoided in the future through appropriate measures.

Captain Babangida reaffirmed the familiarity of the 181 Amphibious Battalion with its area of responsibility, stressing the community’s integral role in its operations. He expressed disbelief at the notion of community members turning against their own, highlighting the profound impact of such actions on both the military and the community.

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Hear him: ”We are going to be looking at the soldiers lost and we are going to be looking at the costs invested in them that is gone. We are going to be looking at the equipments. We are going to be looking at the widows that have been created. It’s indeed a national tragedy. But I’m confident about this assertion that it is avoidable going forward<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

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