JUST IN: “Where is the money you raised for Musilu Ajikanle before he died?” – Auto Bola drags Pastor Agbala Gabriel, accusing him of being a 419

Controversial Canadian-based blogger Auto Bola has stirred up a new wave of controversy by directing accusations at Pastor Agbala Gabriel, raising questions about the funds raised for the late actor Musilu Ajikanle before his passing.

In a series of posts on social media, Auto Bola alleged that Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who had been actively involved in raising funds for the needy, might be doing it for his personal gain….CONTINUE READING

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Auto Bola stated that Agbala Gabriel is a thief and has been using his church to scam people.

She stated that the man of God has been staging shows using elderly people to play stunts on the general public by bringing them out and lying that they need help. That is why he always asks them to start jumping up, just to deceive people.

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She said she will expose the people who are sponsoring Pastor Gabriel.

She further asked why Musilu Ajikanle had to die after Pastor Gabriel collected 7 million naira for him.

She advised people to carry out investigations, asking Pastor Gabriel where he kept the deceased’s money...CONTINUE READING

Watch her speaks below:

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